Ecotact Focus – Less Waste, More Taste!

June 21, 2023 by Shreya Sharma

Ecotact has been constantly working towards improving packaging standards across the globe. While the focus on sustainability has revolutionized the process of quality preservation of crops, there has been a great contribution made to the planet. Conventional packaging methods have played a major role in depleting natural resources in the last few decades. With sustainable options, brands are able to focus on creating products that can serve longer by profiting from sales and popularity in the market.

Across a wide range of product portfolios that are built to lock the farm-like freshness, innovation, technology, and sustainability have come together to focus on less waste and more taste. Here’s a list of products that have come a long way by embracing sustainability at its core.

Multi-layered Hermetic Sampler Bags
Sampling of green coffee by coffee producers/millers/traders/roasters is one of the most critical exercises in the coffee industry. Across the last few years, if there is a product that stood the test of time, it is our multi-layered hermetic sampler bags. Specially designed for storage, these bags are perfect for protection of crops. Its 9 layers of high-barrier hermetic packaging keeps your products fresh without the help of pesticides or insecticides, for more than a year.

Ecotact Sterile Vacuum Bags

These vacuum bags have high-barrier, multi-layered protection are strong & flexible, and can preserve food grains for a longer duration. These bags are sealed scientifically after extracting the excess air. They are space convenient and can be easily packed into corrugated cartons wherein branding can be done in the most attractive ways.

Biome Trays
Ecotact Biome Trays have been designed to enrich one’s experience during coffee cupping. Made with eco-friendly ingredients these trays are a complete package. They are 100% compostable coffee trays that undergo a step-by-step process at the composting site. The lightweight paper trays are sturdy and strong enough to sustain even under high temperatures without any brittleness. Ecotact ensures that the Biome trays are composted at an industrial compostable site which is managed by the local municipality or similar authority in a fully standardized manner. Biome Trays meet every box on being a product that focuses on less waste and more taste, during the coffee cupping process.

Penta Pak
Being in the packaging industry, the power of colorless packaging isn’t unknown to us. Colorless packaging has made these coffee bags an optimal choice for long-term purposes and transportation for a prolonged period. With an absolute focus on reusability, these bags are made for roasters to enhance their experience of coffee storage for a prolonged period. These green storage bags, therefore, are sustainable and ensure farm-like freshness to the coffee beans. There is no need to worry about the aroma and taste of those coffee beans because penta pak has got you covered.

Farmer D’lite
As the name suggests, this product incorporates every factor that leads to the farmer’s profitability(and, delight!) Farmer D’lite storage bags come with a nine-layered hermetic packaging to prevent any damage to the grains.  They are recyclable and are essentially crafted to remodel the sustainable packaging of crops by eliminating their contributions to landfills and erosion for a comprehensive contribution to the environment. Apart from fulfilling all the pre-requisite requirements, these high-barrier reusable bags have a shelf life of more than a year and are a cost-effective choice for farmers across the world.

What’s happening in the packaging industry?
Packaging brands are now redefining their vision by focusing tremendously on sustainable packaging options like biodegradables and recyclables. While traditional packaging uses non-renewable resources that are finite and take millions of years to replenish. Sustainable crop packaging can help minimize harmful environmental impacts and maintain overall ecosystem health. Alongside, packaging and logistics are resource-intensive throughout the supply chain from farms to distribution centers to retailers. Sustainable packaging can help increase logistics efficiency and reduce costs. In the last 5-6 years, there has been an increasing demand for less wastage by customers, and brands adopting sustainable packaging have had a competitive advantage in meeting these preferences. Ecotact is committed to transitioning to more sustainable packaging in the coming years and also influences packaging decisions by setting sustainability standards within the industry.

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