Multiply Value, Prolong Freshness - Vacuum Packaging Accessories

Our bags redefine the traditional notion of coffee bags being bulky burlap or PP bags. With 9 layers that keep coffee and other food grains fresh, our bags offer unprecedented flexibility in terms of food safety, high barrier plastic packaging & storage options.

Ecotact Biome Trays

Product Details

Ecotact Biome Trays are designed specially to make your coffee tasting and cupping experiences more special and sustainable so that you can switch to green in smaller ways!

Price starting at US$ 0.38 / Per unit

ADD-ONS: Resealable Cable Ties

Product Details

Heavy Duty Resealable Cable Ties - Useful where changes are anticipated during production or in the field. Also for temporary bag packing.

Price starting at US$ 0.04 / Per unit

ADD-ONS: High Quality Corrugated Boxes

Product Details

5 PLY High-Quality PIN-FREE Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes suitable for storing vacuum packed bricks of Ecotact Sterile bags. These boxes save a lot of space in the container and protect the product in its packaging in proper shape for a longer duration.

Price starting at US$ 0 / Per unit

ADD-ONS: Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Product Details

High Strength Metal Tooth Cable Ties are ideal for sealing Ecotact Hermetic Storage Bags. The cable ties are best suited for food, pharma, and other contamination-sensitive products where the product needs to be prevented from entering the processing equipment or areas.

Price starting at US$ 0.15 / Per unit