Ecotact Farmer D’lite

Built with a farmer’s trust at heart; affordable, reusable and effective. Ideal for coffee bean/ parchment storage and can be used to coffee fermentation. This bag does not need a secondary packaging and is sturdy, making it reusable.
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  • Suitable for 50 to 70 kgs of green coffee, cacao, maize, nuts, rice, wheat and other dry grains
  • Keeps beans fresh for 4+ months
  • No secondary packaging required
  • Comes equipped with reusable cable ties
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Sturdy, strong bag with a thickness of 95 microns
  • Aroma maintained
  • Sensitive food and vitamin content protected
  • Flavor and inherent quality maintained
  • Hydrocarbon free
  • High-temperature tolerance (-30° C to 90° C)
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • Transparency and heat maintaining properties
  • No need to use Pesticide/Insecticide
  • Mold growth avoided

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