Ecotact Penta Pak

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Ecotact Penta Pak is an ideal solution for coffee/cacao/food storage and transportation. Its five panel protection and pentagon design holds the bag firmly on a flat surface and allows it to preserve your green coffee beans and other grains.

The Advantage of 5 - 
  • Easy reusability with high quality zipper
  • Unique 5 panel shape which provides stability with a flat bottom
  • Ideal for 5 to 7.5 kgs of green coffee, cacao and other foods
  • Excellent barrier against moisture, aroma, oxygen, odour and gas
  • 100% recyclable

Product Details

Bullet Check Icon  Sensitive food and vitamin content protected

Bullet Check Icon  Flavor and inherent quality maintained 

Bullet Check Icon  High-temperature tolerance (-30° C to 90° C) 

Bullet Check Icon  High resistance to oil and solvents

Bullet Check Icon  Transparency and heat maintaining properties

Bullet Check Icon  No need to use Pesticide/Insectide 

Bullet Check Icon  Mold growth avoided

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