Re-defining food storage and eco-friendly green coffee bags around the world

Globally Trusted Hermetic Green Coffee Packaging to Keep Farm-Freshness

A specialized storage and packaging solution to keep freshness intact. With our 9-layer hermetic packaging, specialty coffee, cocoa, rice, and other such food grains remain as fresh as the day they were harvested.

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Founded in 2005 to protect the value of your products during storage and transit.


Global presence of our packaging solutions.

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Maintained freshness with variety and value.


Our step to a sustainable future.

Benefits that Multiply

  • Diversity, multiplied

    Sampler bags, storage bags, FIBC bags for coffee beans, rice, tea, maize, quinoa, cocoa, spices, sugar and more.

  • Affordability, multiplied

    Affordable packaging with hermetic technology for local farmers, small businesses, large farms, and organizations.

  • Delivery, multiplied

    Presence in over 50+ countries and 6 continents. Supply processes are supported by cutting-edge technology, a dedicated workforce, and multi-faceted R&D.

  • Shelf-life, multiplied

    9 layers of high barrier packaging that keeps your products fresh without the help of pesticides or insecticides, for more than a year.

  • Sustainability, multiplied

    Eco-friendly technology and processes. Global collaborations to manage waste effectively. Reusable and 100% recyclable bags.

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Perfect for your use

Our bags cater to the constraints and requirements that come with transition of your products.

  • Moisture level and aroma maintained
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • Sensitive food, vitamin content, inherent flavour and quality is protected
  • Easy to distribute with smaller packing sizes
  • Customized branding available
  • Increased shelf life to more than a year
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Globally Trusted Hermetic Green Coffee Packaging Solution to Keep Farm-Freshness

Our bags cater to the optimum storage requirements of your products for a safe transition.

  • High level of temperature tolerance (- 30 degrees C to + 90 degrees C)
  • Aroma and moisture level maintained
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • Hydrocarbon free
  • Sensitive food and vitamin content protected
  • Protects flavour and quality
  • Holds excellent forming and can be used with any secondary bags of jute/PP
  • Easy to transport grains to any part of the world
  • Increased shelf life for more than a year
  • Customized branding is available
  • Recycling solutions are monitored globally
  • With extra-clear transparent bags for clean visibility
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Perfect for your produce

Our bags are tailored for your products. No external force can affect their quality or freshness for a long time

  • The aroma, moisture level, and water activity level of the grains remain in-tact
  • Parchment storage and aging of coffee
  • Fermentation of green coffee, during natural and honey processing
  • Natural processing and honey processing
  • Higher cupping scores and better prices for the crop
  • No insecticide and pesticide used to preserve the crops
  • Mold growth is avoided
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Perfect for all packaging requirements

Feel free to explore innovative food packaging solutions that are 100% conscious of the environment.

  • Moisture level and aroma intact
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • Sensitive food, vitamin content, inherent flavour, and quality protected
  • Easy to distribute with smaller packing sizes
  • Customized branding available Customized branding available
  • Increased shelf life to more than a year

Happy Clients

Check what our clients say about us

Ecotact has excellent timely service. They deliver their products promptly to any part of the world.

- JJ, RTC, Rwanda

Service and products of Ecotact are really good, pricing has been really great for such a product.

- Carlos Melen, Good Coffee Farms, Japan-Guatemala

Ecotact has helped us to serve the purpose of preservation of humidity and protection from odour. There are a number of risks that cocoa can come into contact with both in origin warehouses and in destination warehouses: odors, humid climates, cocoa moths, and so we try to preserve the quality by keeping cocoa stored in Ecotact bags.

- Stasi Baranoff, Uncommon Cacao, USA

The Ecotact bags are best and perfect solution for the coffee, cacao and other super grains.

- Teddy Kim, Mexico

The perfect product for protecting, storing and transporting produce, coffee and other grains. This was what I was looking for.

- Yuji Hirano, Japan

International markets specialist with very strong product offering .

- Mohit Manocha, India

Ecotact is a nine layer hermetically sealed bags and they're extremely strong. So we want you to be storing the coffee in the same way as we do to maintain its freshness and optimal cup flavors as long as possible.

- Thompson Owen, USA

I heard about ecotact and wanted to check them and I gotta say, I agree with the results. We love these bags and all our customers receive our coffee in those bags.

- Carlos Melen, Guatemala

Our experience with Ecotact packaging has been positive across the board. We use it for most of our imports because quality is great, price point is also very good both for us as well as our producers. We get quick responses from the ecotact team when we need them. I highly recommend Ecotact. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll absolutely give them a 10.

- Kyle Bellinger, Colombia

I recommend Ecotact to my colleagues absolutely. Fantastic product, fantastic service, fantastic price. And there is nothing about Ecotact that we don't love.

- Joshua Jagleman, China
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