Ecotact Introduces Specially Curated Eco-friendly Hermetic Packaging Bags with Triple Protection for Small Roasters, Home Roasters and Barista Owners

June 10, 2021 by Hanuman Jain

If you are a small or mid segment roaster, home roaster or a barista owner, the all new Troiseal Bags are aptly curated with expertise, keeping your storage needs in mind. We know exactly what it takes to preserve the freshly grown green coffee which you have hand grown with passion.


The Ecotact Troiseal Bag is a unique production of three sequential sealing. ‘Tri’ etymologically means three and as the name suggests, it can be sealed with perfection but ensures no moisture is allowed to tamper the contents.


The significant Benefits of procuring Troiseal bags are:

      It has been designed and curated by using 9 layers of hermetic packaging.

      It is completely  tamper-proof. It has been designed to resist access to the product contained within the package.

      It can also be used to store corn, barley, Panela sugar and cocoa.

      The bags are transparent consciously for clarity in visibility of the contents of the packet.

      It is 100 % recyclable and reusable keeping the eco friendly environment in view.

      There are multi-layered adhesive seals acting as zip locks for resealing.

      There is a provision made on the top of each packet as a D-Cut for easy lifting and carrying.

      Prices are kept economical keeping the extensive demand of the unique product.

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In addition to all the above advantages, the Troiseal Bags are designed to be completely eco-friendly to continue the primary motto of Ecotact, which is to preserve the environment for a sustainable future. It is now more than ever that our planet needs us to step up and take action towards cleaning up the mess mankind has made as a result of irresponsibility and negligence. There is still a lot that must be done to bring our ecosystem back into balance. For more information, leave a comment below and our team will get back to you soon.

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