Shield your coffee with Ship Shield container liners

April 05, 2022 by Ishmeet Kaur

Around 95% of all coffee is carried in containers to be enjoyed in countries across the globe. So high-quality packaging is essential for shipping. The Ecotact Ship Shield container liners are designed to transport and store with high barrier properties to protect high-quality beans. 

Ecotact Ship Shield Hermetic container liners are manufactured by using polyethene or polypropylene as materials. They are made with virgin resins for easy installation, available in 21 Kg volume. 

Process of Shipping Coffee:

Most of the coffee is shipped from tropical countries and in bulk through interstitial air. There is a high risk of container rain leading to the coffee arriving soaked and unfit. Ideally, coffee beans need to have 12% as their recommended level of moisture.  

Once the coffee is pulped it is carefully placed inside hermetically-sealed food-safe plastic bags. Then the liners are placed in cold water to avoid bacterial infection. 

While packaging any free-flowing cargo, multi-layered protection is a must. This is where Ecotact with its 9 layers hermetic package comes in. The secret behind the 9-Layer hermetic container liners are quite simple; usage of moisture-tight, gas-tight materials to store coffee whilst protecting it from deterioration. 

Exporters are highly dependent on hermetic container liners packaging solutions for their operations. Study shows that globally a third of produce goes wasted due to post-harvesting management flaws - primarily caused by poor packaging. This is where the 9-layer hermetic packaging technology comes into play as the transport solution. 

Benefits of shipping container liners for coffee packaging: 

  1. Low Cost- 

Ship Shield containers for coffee beans allow companies to save a lot of money on packaging costs compared to traditional bulk sacks. There is no need for multiple sacks; not even added pallets for taking the weight of the goods. 

In addition, one can get a ton of options available at the time of packaging bulk products. Supply chains prefer Ship Shield container liners as they are Hydrocarbon free, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

  1. Higher productivity- 

The coffee shipping container liners are packaged within a matter of minutes, so it increases productivity by using fewer hours for a company to deal with. Also, numerous things can very easily be transported inside container liners. 

Under container liners, there are various customizations available and are easy to order as well. The options range from moisture proofing to anti-static properties. In addition, the coffee shipping container liners are loaded and unloaded through automated equipment reducing the time. 

  1. Decreased Wastage- 

Ship Shield container liners are packaged both horizontally and vertically. They are designed to securely keep the produce closed through each step of the process. 

The entire process of loading, transportation, unpacking and final storage is an advantage of innovative designs. That's how coffee shipping container liners are secure and always reduce wastage.

Today, there is no doubt that the essence of coffee remains intact as they are stored and transported with Ecotact’s high barrier protection. Ecotact, as a supplier of ship shield hermetic container liners packaging globally, is driven to create a high business impact with a guarantee on the freshness and quality of beans and grains. 

Our bags stand for constant value-addition, eco-friendly and innovative practice in this new age. They keep aroma, taste, freshness and colour intact all while ensuring sustainability for the environment.

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