Hermetic Technology: What it is and how to use it?

November 30, 2021 by Akansha Jain
Contrary to popular belief, Hermetic Packaging is a really simple concept of preserving for everyday products. It has the potential of adding enormous convenience, qualitative, monetary value and much more to the agricultural industry. 

The secret behind hermetic packaging is simple; using gas-tight, moisture-tight materials to seal or store commodities, to prevent them from deterioration. The mechanism blocks the entry of any outside gas (oxygen or other) from entering inside the bag that can potentially damage the commodity.

Hermetic technology has numerous applications and is used in many other forms like containers, storage units etc. But the major beneficiary of this technology is the Agricultural Industry. Farmers, Grain Exporters, Importers immensely depend on hermetic packaging solutions in their operations.  

The hermetic packaging bags are used to store commodities like rice, green coffee, grains, beans, spices etc. Especially when it comes to high-value commodities like Cocoa, Green Coffee, there’s no better option than hermetic packaging coffee bags for its storage. 

The primary reason behind it is the unmatchable ability of hermetic packaging to keep the aroma, taste, freshness and color intact. Till the point they reach the final destination, the quality has to be preserved and the end product should be in the exact same state as it was plucked from the farm.

The stats say, globally about a third of produce is wasted because of the post-harvesting management flaws, which includes primarily packaging. 

That’s where hermetic technology comes in as a transport solution. This means that having a protective layer on storage containers or using hermetic packaging bags helps result in saving both quality and quantity of the grains and green coffee beans. Moreover, it locks in the nutrients and minerals by avoiding any potential outside contamination, thus preserving the health quotient of the grains and the green coffee beans. As a new-age hermetic packaging supplier in USA, Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags have not only 1, but 9 layers of high barrier protection that promises quality. 

This ultimately helps bring out the utmost value for each entity involved, from using hermetic packaging for their produce. One of its kind and different from other types of hermetic packaging, the Ecotact hermetic packaging is reusable, recyclable and also reduces the packaging costs, and above that helps minimize the impact on the environment. In fact, the production process of these hermetic packaging bags is eco-friendly and aims to create the least ecological disbalance. 

Ecotact, as a hermetic packaging supplier in USA, is dedicated to bringing the most ecological hermetic packaging solutions to preserve the quality of green coffee beans and grains with the environment at the heart of each of its products. Keeping in mind the ecological impact of our hermetic packaging, Ecotact is also driven to create high business impact with a guarantee on the quality and freshness of the green coffee beans and grains. Ecotact hermetic packaging coffee bags are high barrier, strong and space-convenient which ensure that no matter how many miles a bag covers, the essence of the green coffee beans and grains inside are as intact as the day they were plucked.

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