5 Ways Through Which 9 Layer Packaging Keeps the Quality of Food Grains Intact

May 10, 2021 by Navneet Jain

Choosing the best packaging for your food grains is of utmost importance. A multi-layered hermetic packaging ensures that the grains are fresh for longer which directly impacts the taste of the grains or beans. While selecting the right packaging, always keep in mind that the packaging must not only help in preserving but also protecting the grains from external influences. Listed below are 5 ways in which 9 layer hermetic packaging prevents deterioration in the quality of the grains.

  1. Ensures safe moisture level: If the grains are too moist, there is a chance that they will get spoilt in storage and if they are too dry, then the reduced weight will lead to the reduction of its value.  The 9 layer hermetic packaging helps in retaining perfect moisture content.
  2. Protects from external moisture: When moisture gets into the grains, molds and insects appear. This packaging ensures that the grains are protected from moisture damage.
  3. Has high temperature tolerance: High temperatures during storage or transportation process may trigger evaporation of the residual moisture from the grains during day time. This is followed by condensation and re-absorption of moisture at night. Multi-layered hermetic packaging on the contrary has high temperature tolerance  (-30 to 90 degree centigrade)
  4. Locks in aroma and maintains flavour: Sampling of food grains, especially green coffee by traders, roasters and producers is one of the most critical exercises. Most of the time, stakeholders neglect this fact by choosing sub-standard packaging which results in lower prices. But 9 layer hermetic packaging ensures that coffee remains in farm fresh condition with optimum level of moisture and aroma.
  5.  Protects sensitive food and vitamin content: Each grain type is different. Hermetic solutions manufactured using special researched technology to preserve the natural freshness of the farms in warehouses and during its transport, without the use of pesticide & insecticide, help in keeping various grains unharmed post-harvest.

Ecotact’s 9-layer hermetic packaging solutions are the ultimate solutions for packaging and storing your food grains, especially green coffee. They are extremely strong and have high oxygen and moisture barrier properties that seal freshness throughout the supply chain. Also, they are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

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