Understanding the Range of Ecotact for Your Business

March 17, 2023 by Shreya Sharma

While there has been a surge in the overall production of food grains in this seamlessly globalized world, the importing, exporting, and distributing processes of these grains are still called into question. Why? Because these intricate processes require a streamlined mechanism to transport food grains from one end of the world to another without compromising quality and security. 

This is where the role of logistics in packaging and storage comes into play. Whether you are a part of the distribution channel or specifically catering to a section of the audience with premium crops, poor packaging will ultimately result in total damage to the product. And there is no doubt that this will consequently lead to dissatisfied end users. 

We say, pack it like you mean it!

This post outlines various packaging approaches, all of which assure adequate distribution and preservation of grains. All of Ecotact’s bags are made of eco-friendly materials that fulfill the requirement of storing grains with utmost safety keeping sustainability at the forefront. Let’s take a look at the diverse options available and make the process of storage & packaging simpler for you.

Preserving 5X Freshness

With unmatched material composition and design technology, Ecotact has launched one of its most revolutionary products– Penta Pak in the market. Its distinctive five-panel protection ensures the total preservation of dry grains. As its name suggests, the innovative Penta Packaging ensures five times more freshness than any conventional storage bag. The high-quality zipper locks out any contact with oxygen and serves as a strong defense against moisture. Its flat-bottom technology makes it sturdy & allows users to store 5-10 kgs of dry grains and offers strong resistance against attackers. 

Diverse Sampler Bags

Ecotact’s sampler bags essentially cater to the needs of coffee producers, traders, and roasters to carry out the sampling of green coffee beans. These multilayered hermetic sampler bags are available in customizable sizes to suit the needs of the end users. When it comes to roasting, they are suitable for storage at every stage. These recyclable bags are designed to ensure the safe and reliable storage of samples with their hermetic packaging features. They have a high resistance to high temperatures, so they can withstand harsh conditions and any other chemical spoilage. 

The Supergreen-40 club

This bag comes with dual functionality by serving as a 2-in-1 storage bag designed with compostable food-grade kraft paper on the exterior and an inner liner of high-barrier recyclable plastic. Its unique design and packaging are meant for 30 kgs of green coffee, cocoa beans, etc. Your food grains are completely protected from heating elements, harmful solvents, and high temperatures (-30° C to 90° C), so they are ideal for most geographic locations.

Ecotact’s Hermetic Ship Shield Container

These star performers of Ecotact are exclusively designed for the storage and transportation of grains in masses from one location to the other. Their hermetic sealed structure comes with high barrier properties that promise utmost protection and lock in the aroma to deliver farm-like freshness across locations. They are engineered and manufactured in special cleanroom facilities meeting FDA standards.

Versatile Biome Trays

Does your business require you to perform coffee sampling on a regular basis? Then our Biome trays are exactly what you need. This all-purpose coffee tool is compact-sized, sturdy, and yet extremely lightweight, allowing you to use it effortlessly. The Biome trays are flexible with zero brittleness making them an excellent choice for cupping, weighing, and sampling green or roasted coffee beans. Because these trays are eco-friendly and completely compostable, they can easily be reused and recycled with ease. With the rising awareness of opting for recyclable products, these Biome trays ensure they meet every box of being a sustainable choice in every way for years to come.

The list doesn’t end here. Ecotact has successfully come up with a wide array of choices to pick from, be it storage, packaging, or vital accessories. Going beyond the conventional bulky burlap or PP bags, our products bring the 9-layer hermetic locking technology that keeps every kind of food grain fresh.  From farmers to roasters, there is a bag for every step in the coffee-producing ecosystem that is built on innovative product engineering. 

If you are a roaster, distributor, or coffee trader, Ecotact is the one-stop solution for all your coffee preservation needs.

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