Seal Farm Freshness with Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags

March 05, 2024 by Shruti Purohit

Since our inception in 2005, our vision has been two-fold - to maintain the farm freshness of coffee beans, food grains, cacao beans, or any other and protect the planet. Our bags are the proof of our vision. With eco-friendly technologies and processes, we strive to create reliable products and a sustainable future for the world. Committing to not compromising on our eco-friendly manufacturing process, we provide recycling solutions for used bags in destination countries.

Being one of the pioneers of multi-layered hermetic packaging solutions across the globe we at Ecotact, believe that enjoying farm-fresh grains shouldn't come at the cost of destroying the Earth. And all our products are crafted to take this dedication a step further. Taking this vision of premium and sustainable packaging solutions a step further ahead is our unique product - Ecotact Hermetic 80/40 Storage Bags. Let’s dive deep into this product and understand how this packaging can serve you the best.

All About Hermetic Multilayered Storage Bags
Redefining the traditional notion of coffee bags being bulky burlap or PP bags, Ecotact Hermetic Storage Bags with 9 layers of hermetic packaging, keeps coffee and other food grains fresh. The bags offer unprecedented flexibility in terms of food safety, high-barrier plastic packaging & storage options.

They are available in different sizes such as 15-23 kgs, 25-38 kgs, and 25-35 kgs, 35-45 kgs, 50-70 kgs of green coffee beans, cacao beans, or food grains. Moreover, one can buy them from the official website of Ecotact either in a pack of 10 or 200. 

Specific Features of Ecotact Hermetic Storage Bags
Among the numerous features that make the Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bags unique is a high-barrier storage bag. This results in keeping your grains, coffee beans or cacao beans perfectly farm-fresh. The ecological plastic bags inside burlap bags are extremely durable. It has high oxygen and moisture barrier properties to seal the freshness of green coffee throughout the supply chain and storage. These features lead to maintaining the aroma and moisture level for a long time.

Assuring no need to use any kinds of pesticides or insecticides, Hermetic Grain Storage Bags ensure that any kind of mold growth is avoided. Additionally, the Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bags can preserve your green coffee beans or any other beans and grains for more than 365 days. With their transparency and heat-maintaining properties these bags are the best coffee beans packaging bags. However, the pivotal aspect of these reusable coffee bags lies in their alignment with growing environmental consciousness, as they are designed to be 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Having high oxygen and moisture barrier properties, this hermetic storage bag is a strong yet flexible packaging.  

Instructions for using the Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags 

  1. Check Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bags for holes and tears before using.

  2. Place the Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bag on the bag shaper to form the bag shape. 

  3. For extra protection put a jute bag on the Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bag. The Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bag is now ready to be filled with any coffee beans or food grains. 

  4. Start filling coffee or grains from the hopper or manually. 

  5. When filled at least a gap of 40cm from the bag end should be left empty for twisting and tying the Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bag.

  6. Remove as much air as possible by pressing down the grain/coffee. The filled Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bag can now be sealed by twisting the remaining plastic. 

  7. Hold the end of the twisted plastic portion. Close the bag by fastening the cable at the top of the grains. 

  8. Twist the free plastic portion and fold it into two. Tie with another cable near the folded plastic. Use a cable tie gun or manually tighten the cable ties. Securing the bag with two cable ties ensures an airtight seal, preventing any oxygen ingress. This method ensures that the bag remains protected, preserving both the aroma and freshness of coffee beans or any other beans or grains effectively.

  9. Close/seal the outer jute bag taking care not to puncture the Ecotact 80/40 Storage Bag. Stick the supplied adhesive label “use no hook” on the outer bag.  

With a presence in over 50+ countries and 6 continents, Ecotact aims at redefining food storage and eco-friendly green coffee bags around the world.  Our eco-friendly green coffee bags not only preserve the freshness and flavor of your favorite beans but also minimize the environmental impact. Taking it further ahead, our Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags is one of the best hermetically sealed bags. Buy the sustainable coffee packaging now and relish the deliciousness of your favorite coffee.

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