Modern Day Packaging Trends

March 18, 2023 by Shreya Sharma

All about sustainability in 2023

Consumer concern for the environment has only grown over the last few years and now roasters and importers are, more than ever, looking to incorporate eco-friendly practices in their businesses. Using ethical and compostable materials for specialty coffee packaging is the need of the hour. 

Various aspects of sustainability that are vital for the coming years are recyclable packaging, packaging made out of recycled plastic, or a combination of recycled and virgin material. Apart from these, recycling centers in easy access, industrial compostable products, and awareness of recycling are also going to be in focus.

Challenges faced in the packaging industry

It is now, more than ever, important to stand out from the competition due to the gigantic market size of the packaging industry. While there is a commitment to repurposing modern packaging, it becomes essential to do so in a sustainable manner.

  • There have been no clearly defined standards for the specification of eco-friendly packaging across the globe.

  • Due to a lack of incentives and further command from the government, the idea of eco-friendly packaging has become a costly affair. Instead of pushing towards sustainability, certain parts of the world are still unaware of how to opt for sustainable packaging.

  • It is not unknown that lack of infrastructure is one of the major challenges faced by the industry. Without the right machinery and technology, the process of recycling, collection system and composting facilities haven’t proven to be profitable for the environment.

  • Lastly, there has been a constant to and fro while crafting the right strategies for sustainable packaging. Brands are unclear about the process making it difficult to follow the right route.

Due to adopting sustainable packaging solutions, there are reports of a significant and growing eco-friendly market segment. Specifically, environmentally savvy companies are seeking renewable, compostable, and biodegradable solutions.

Finding the ultimate packaging solution

Ecotact, through its products, focuses on the benefits of mindful packaging that is eco-friendly and reusable. The packaging and storage bags are made of 100% recyclable and reusable materials. With a clear time-linked strategy, the packaging process has gone from being hard to recycle to being easily recyclable across all product categories. Ecotact has included 100% compostable biome trays which are natural paper-based water and oil-resistant compostable trays. There has been a meticulous design innovation process, by using a strategy to use non-pigmented packaging. It helps the users to visualize the quality of the crops and is easy to recycle. With a wide range of products, Ecotact is determined to deliver freshness around the globe. The multi-layered hermetic storage bags are transparent, and temperature resistant with a high barrier against moisture and oxygen. The newly launched Penta Pak is designed with a unique 5-panel shape to store coffee, cacao, and other food items.


The focus of the packaging industry is now shifting towards reducing the carbon footprint by using hydrocarbon-free packaging. Ecotact is one of the major players in this industry as they bring in eco-friendly hermetic packaging and eco-friendly coffee bags that cater to maintaining the well-being of the environment. The collective vision should aim at preserving and increasing the shelf life of food grains with sustainability at the forefront. Moving forward, every packaging brand should focus on packaging trends to protect the future of coffee packaging.  

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