What exactly are coffee bags? How can you use them?

August 04, 2021 by Karishma Sharma

What exactly are coffee bags? How can you use them?

If you are one of those who need a shot of caffeine to get the adrenaline rushing through to get on with the day, you know how important is the flavour and aroma of the bean which is ground or brewed for that perfect sip. The consumption of coffee globally has multiplied in leaps and bounds. 

Coffee beans are visual, aural, tactile, and aromatic, even before they are ground and brewed into a delicious drink. They need proper packaging and storage bags to retain the aroma and freshness throughout its journey till the drinker.

Optimal storage of coffee beans or grounds needs to be done in specialized storage and packaging solutions to keep freshness intact. With hermetic packaging, specialty coffee, cocoa, rice, and other such food grains remain as fresh as the day they were harvested.

 When coffee is first roasted, it releases carbon dioxide for days after being roasted. To be vacuum sealed, the coffee has to first release all of its CO gases, or it will burst the bag. The vacuum bag does help preserve coffee longer while it ships and maybe sits on a store shelf, but before it ships, it sits around for a while before it is "sealed for freshness". Vacuum sealing is best for pre-ground coffee, which we already know is not going to taste as good as fresh-ground coffee.

Instead, fresh-roasted coffee can be packaged in valve-sealed coffee bags, which allow the carbon monoxide gases to escape while still capturing and preserving the flavor soon after roasting. Packaged like this, coffee tastes best about 48 hours after roasting, but still remains fresh long after being bagged.

A few easy tips for serving the best tasting coffee:

  1. Buy whole beans directly from a local coffee roaster.

  2. Look for valve-sealed hermetic packages or bags.

  3. Store your coffee beans in a sealed container in a dark and dry place.

  4. Grind your beans just before brewing.

  5. Enjoy your flavorful cup of coffee!

 Ecotact Bags- for coffee storage and packaging:

Manufactured with precision, Ecotact bags are one of the pioneers in multi-layered hermetic packaging solutions. In a world-class manufacturing infrastructure we produce food grade storage facilities for dried grains like cocoa, green coffee beans, barley,etc. Our bags have a uniform thickness profile with a minimum variation of 2 sigma quality, excellent stretch, cling, and puncture resistance with high clarity recyclable film.

Some significant features of a typical Ecotact hermetic bag are:

It has:

  • High level of temperature tolerance (- 30 degrees C to + 90 degrees C)

  • Aroma and moisture level maintained

  • High resistance to oil and solvents

  • Hydrocarbon free

  • Sensitive food and vitamin content protected

  • Protects flavour and quality

  • Holds excellent forming and can be used with any secondary bags of jute/PP

  • Easy to transport crops to any part of the world

  • Increased shelf life for more than a year

  • Customized branding is available

  • Recycling solutions are monitored globally

  • With extra-clear transparent bags for clean visibility

Optimal usage of coffee bags can vary according to quantity and purpose.

  1. Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags - These bags are used inside burlap sacks as they can resist high oxygen and moisture. It is used to store green coffee throughout the supply chain and storage.

  1. Troiseal Bags - These are tamper-proof hermetically sealed bags designed especially for green coffee & other coffee beans. The flexibility of the bag makes it a perfect match for small and home grown roasters.

  1. Hermetic Sampler bags -Sampling of green coffee by coffee producers/millers/traders/roasters is one of the most critical exercises in the coffee industry. These little bags are perfect for sampling use.

  1. Sterile vacuum bags -These high-barrier multi-layered plastic bags are strong & flexible and can preserve food grains for a longer duration. They are space convenient and can be easily packed into corrugated cartons wherein branding can be done in the most attractive ways.

For further enquiries or information related to storage and packaging just leave a comment below and our team will get back to you soon.

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