Select the best packaging solution for green coffee and food grains

August 31, 2021 by Ecotact

Select the best packaging solution for green coffee and food grains 

‘Coffee’ without it’s aroma is like ‘Life’ without little pleasures. Who can think of a ‘cup of joe’ without it’s heavenly flavour!  For all who know their coffee, it is the particular aroma and flavour that attracts them to a brand. For producers as well as roasters, it is quite a challenging task to retain the aroma and freshness of freshly ground coffee beans while storing them in quantity. No matter how ‘air-tight’ your container claims to be, some amount of freshness does tend to escape while storing. 

Coffee connoisseurs know,freshness is a must  for a quality cup of coffee. Experts agree that coffee should be consumed as quickly as possible after it is roasted, especially once the original packaging seal has been broken.Here, our specially designed storage bags come to the rescue. It is not possible to immediately consume all the green coffee beans that a roaster has purchased. We at Ecotact completely understand your plight and have scientifically curated various hermetic packaging solutions which are extremely suitable for storing excess quantities of green coffee beans and dried grains like corn, barley, panela sugar and cocoa.

 retaining the originality and rawness.

Here are a few vital reasons why selecting the best packing solutions for your green coffee and dried grains is extremely essential to maintain the standard and quality of the beans.

Ecotact provides a one-stop solution for importers/roasters/exporters/ producers. With our hermetic packaging and storing solutions: 


  • Aroma is maintained

  • Sensitive food and vitamin content is protected

  • Flavor and inherent quality is maintained

  • Is Hydrocarbon free

  • Is High resistance to oil and solvents

  • Is Recyclable and eco-friendly

  • Has Transparency and heat maintaining properties

  • No need to use insecticides and pesticides 

  • Prevents Mould Growth

  • Has high-temperature tolerance (-30 ° C to 90° C) 

  • Green coffee, cocoa, panela sugar, corn and barley, all kinds of grains can be stored 

  •  Provides 9 layer hermetic protection 

Ecotact has a variety of options of packaging and storage bags categorised precisely based on size and usage.

  1. Multilayered Hermetic storage bags - 

These eco-friendly plastic bags put inside burlap sacks are extremely strong and have high oxygen and moisture resistant properties to retain the freshness of green coffee throughout the supply chain process and storage.

  1. Troiseal Bags-

These are tamper-proof hermetically vacuum sealed bags curated especially for green coffee & other dried beans. The size of the bag and the user-friendly sealing mechanism makes it appropriate for small and homegrown roasters.

  1. Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags

Perfectly suitable for the purpose of sampling green coffee beans by producers/millers/traders/roasters, these bags are one of the most widely used packages in the coffee industry.The size of the bag is designed specifically for small quantities meant for samples.

  1. Sterile Vacuum Bags - 

These ultra resistant  multi-layered plastic bags are strong & flexible and can preserve food grains for a longer duration of supply chain process and further. These bags are sealed scientifically after extracting the excess moisture and air. They are spacious and can be easily packed into corrugated cartons on which branding is done easily by the particular brand seller, not hampering the freshness of the beans.

  1. Supergreen 40 - 

Made from compostable food grade Kraft paper bags with hermetic Ecotact recyclable plastic liners, these are multilayered and capable of carrying weight. These are suitable for 30kgs - 35 kgs of green coffee and cocoa beans and are resistant to heating elements, oil, and other solvents.

  1. Hermetic FIBC Bags -

 Ecotact Hermetic Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags are high quality polypropylene bags.These are multilayered high capacity hermetic plastic liners  for efficiently storing and transporting  coffee beans and dried grains in bulk. 

  1. Ship Shield Container Liners - 

                     Ship Shield Hermetic Container Liner is designed with high-technology to store and transport coffee and dried grains in a hermetically sealed liner.  Manufactured in a cleanroom facility and meeting FDA standards, these ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015, certified bags have high resistance power which keeps the aroma and the moisture content of the grain as it was during its inception.

Our bags redefine the old school concepts of coffee bags being bulky, burlap sacks or PP bags. With 9 layers of hermetic packaging solutions that keep green coffee and other food grains like cocoa, barley, corn, panela sugar etc fresh, our bags offer unparalleled quality in terms of maintaining food safety, high barrier plastic packaging & storage options.Therefore adopting a comprehensive storage solution for green coffee beans and other dried grains is the best practice for roasters,traders and producers. By using Ecotact hermetic packages that are vacuum-sealed with precision,the freshness and quality can be sustained right from the inception of the beans.



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