Rethink Packaging, Bring in Sustainable Packaging

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Since its inception in 1907, plastic has continuously become a vital part of our everyday lives - from home appliances to packaging material, almost all products tend to have some form of plastic present. The plastic industry employs approximately 900,000 workers every year with 374 billion dollars in yearly consignments. In the US, the third major manufacturing industry is plastic as it is highly adaptable and can be moulded into any size or shape. 

Only 9% of plastics ever created have been recycled, as the plastic manufactured earlier was for one-time use only. Today, plastic is used as an alternative in the name of preventing the depletion of natural resources. But as an alternative, it should be used mindfully. One of the most impactful ways to prevent the depletion of the environment is by using recycled eco-friendly packaging or sustainable packaging. This is where Ecotact comes in with our 100% recyclable bags. Ecotact bags protect the environment and freshness of green coffee with our sustainable packaging that locks in moisture and aroma throughout the supply chain and storage. 

To understand a little more about why Ecotact has an environmentally-conscious mission with sustainable packaging, let's look at the many benefits of recycling plastic bags:

  1. Saves Energy - 

Recycling any plastic bags uses relatively less energy as compared to making fresh plastic bags. The processing of raw materials consumes a huge amount of energy and by reusing we are minimizing energy usage by reducing the health risk and aiding the economy. Additionally, the conserved energy can be used up for other processes. 

  1. Reserves Landfill Space -

When we recycle plastic bags, it reduces the unnecessary landfill space which can otherwise be used for actual garbage. Recycling 1 ton of plastic helps in saving about 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space, so recycling greatly supports the mindful use of landfill space. 

  1. Fewer Greenhouse Gases -

When plastic bags are burnt, they emit high levels of greenhouse gases causing climate change. Recycling plastic uses lesser oil and helps in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The usage of recycled plastic bags or eco-friendly packaging allows you to mitigate global warming and reduces air pollution. 

  1. Nourishes the Economy - 

Recycling plastic bags is a vital yet challenging job and requires a high level of expertise to ensure the efficient diversification of plastic waste. Recycling plastic or using sustainable packaging benefits society by creating employment opportunities. In 2012, recycling and reuse activities accounted for 681,000 jobs, $37.8 billion in wages, and $5.5 billion in tax revenues. 

  1. Inspires Sustainable Use -

The use of more recycled plastics pushes companies to go greener and build communities with sustainability at the forefront. Ecotact is one such company that strives to create a sustainable future for the world with its eco-friendly coffee packaging. 

There are many benefits to recycling plastic in your home or business. However, choosing eco-friendly packaging for any product can be one of the most challenging aspects of scaling up production. Once green coffee beans are harvested, their freshness begins to decline, and exposure to coffee's enemies (oxygen, moisture, heat, and light) increases. 

The best solution to protecting your coffee beans from these elements is to use effective eco-friendly coffee packaging that also helps sustain longer shelf life. The worldwide increase in packaging waste has led to extensive research into environmentally eco-friendly coffee packaging alternatives. For any coffee packaging to be truly "green", they need to be sustainable coffee packaging. The best way to do that would be to store coffee in eco-friendly plastic bags made with renewable raw materials that reduce the carbon footprint through production. And when these bags are further reused and recycled, the goal of sustainability is fully achieved.

Being one of the pioneers of multi-layered hermetic packaging solutions, Ecotact is focused on freshness and innovation with our sustainable coffee packaging that supports the environment and makes the earth a healthier place. One of the most prominent ways we do this is through our recycling initiatives, which have promoted a global infrastructure to be put in place that allows people to recycle their Ecotact products at a negligible cost. Recycling from your home has never been easier with the Ecotact Recycle Box! For more information, please visit this link: 

Today, the focus of the packaging industry is on reducing its carbon footprint by using Hydrocarbon-free packaging. Ecotact is one of the major players in this industry as they bring in eco-friendly hermetic packaging and eco-friendly coffee bags that cater to maintaining the well-being of the environment. Ecotact’s purpose is to preserve and increase the shelf life of food grains with sustainability at the forefront. Moving forward, every packaging needs to be sustainable for regaining and protecting our beautiful environment. 


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