Go Agile with STERILE vacuum bags

April 28, 2022 by Ishmeet Kaur

Vacuum Packaging is an old age phenomenon from the 1950s but the infrastructure of drawing oxygen away from food and vacuum sealing it for longer shelf life is quite new. It is an ideal way of packaging and preserving food as the removal of oxygen leads to the prevention of bacteria growth up to 5 times.

Now, vacuum packaging is known for storing food grains as well as coffee. In addition, the packaging has evolved from just a functional tool to various customized options available today in the market. Especially with coffee, the more attractive and transparent the packaging, the higher chances of making a lasting impression. 

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging for lasting quality coffee: 

Vacuum packaging removes air from the inside and seals the package. It allows distinct advantages to the food industry, especially with the reduction of atmospheric oxygen. 

  1. Longer Shelf Life- 

Vacuum seals away the coffee beans away from moisture which prolongs the shelf life of coffee by up to 1 year. The absence of coffee reduces the growth of aerobic bacteria and stops the coffee from getting oxidized. 

Storage space with maximum capacity is a necessity in the food industry as there is no extra air around reducing the volume of the bag. Also, remember to portion out your coffee for longer usage. 

  1. Freshness and Aroma- 

The key to perfect packaging is to determine the ideal atmosphere within the packaging. For coffee, the ideal atmosphere should be the one that maximizes freshness with longer shelf life. 

In order to keep the aroma intact, use vacuum packaging as it locks in and retains the aroma of coffee beans even after the entire supply chain process. Furthermore, vacuum-packed coffee needs to be stored away from light, heat and moisture. 

  1. Improved Food Safety and Quality

Once the coffee is packed through vacuum packaging, it is sealed in bags to preserve the high-quality coffee from farm to home. Vacuum packaging is used for green coffee beans and cacao beans ranging from 5- 15kgs. The high barrier vacuum packaging allows your coffee to stay safe from the outside moisture and heat. 

Packaging needs to be moisture-free by sealing your coffee away and that's where Ecotact's Sterile Vacuum Packaging comes into play. With Ecotact's Sterile Vacuum multi-layered high-barrier bags, you can preserve food grains for a longer duration. They are extremely strong with up to 1.75 kg weight and can be easily packed into corrugated cartons.

Ecotact's Sterile Vacuum bag allows your coffee to be as fresh as the day it was harvested. Ecotact bags aid in preserving humidity and protection from odor with their high-temperature tolerance from -30° C to 90° C with high resistance to oil and other solvents. 

Ecotact does vacuum packaging by using Vacuum Sealing Machines, ECOVAC 20-2 and ECOVAC 50. Once the Vacuum Sealing Machine is on, the Vacuum Pressure, Gas Purge, Sealing Time and Cooling of the machine needs to be set. Both vacuum sealing machines, ECOVAC 20-2 and ECOVAC 50 are a robust blend of advanced technology and outstanding innovation. 

ECOVAC 50 seals coffee with its powerful FLP nozzle type vacuum with power, durability and seal compression. ECOVAC 50 is available in various sizes ranging from 250 grams up to 50 kilograms. Ecotact's ECOVAC 50 requires a nitrogen cylinder and enhances the shelf life of food grains. 

The ECOVAC 20-2 has a certain ease to it with its powerful straight chamber and is designed with an innovative control system. Their size variations start from 10kgs to 20kgs and are one of the most economical ways of packaging. 

At Ecotact, our bags redefine the traditional notion of coffee bags with our customized corrugated boxes for vacuumed coffee bags with precision.

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