Ecotact Roaster’s Bundle: Elevate Your Green Coffee Packaging

March 29, 2024 by Shruti Purohit

Coffee packaging has a direct impact on the freshness, aroma, and taste of the coffee beans. To keep the farm-freshness of coffee beans or any other grains intact, Ecotact brings the ultimate coffee packaging solution- specialized storage and packaging products. Offering 9-layer hermetically sealed bags Ecotact packaging ensures that green coffee beans or any other beans and grains remain as fresh as the day they were harvested. Ecotact provides affordable packaging. The packaging solutions are also eco-friendly coffee bags. Being present in over 50+ countries and 6 continents Ecotact commits to sustainable green coffee packaging. 

When it comes to roasters, we at Ecotact understand the unique requirements that need to be focused on. Roasters not only require packaging solutions that maintain the freshness of the coffee beans but also enhance the shelf life. Additionally, they require packaging that can withstand the rigmaroles of transport and storage. Considering these specific demands and more Ecotact offers the best sustainable coffee packaging solution - Roaster’s Bundle. 

Roaster’s Bundle - The Ultimate Coffee Packaging Solution for Roasters 

 The Ecotact Roaster's Bundle ensures that roasters are able to upgrade their green coffee packaging and roasting process. It is curated specifically for coffee roasters so that the demand for the highest quality storage and packaging solutions is always met. 

Ecotact Roaster’s Bundle includes: 

  •  Troiseal Bag - 1 piece

  •  Penta Pak - 1piece

  •  0.5 A Sampler Bags - 4 pieces

  •  0.2 Sampler Bags - 4 pieces

  •  Reusable Cable Ties - 5 pieces

  •  Metal Detectable Cable Ties - 5 pieces

  •  Biome Trays - 6 pieces


  1. Ecotact Troiseal Bags

This Ecotact packaging is tamper-proof. Being hermetically sealed bags these are designed especially for coffee beans. The flexibility and strength of the Ecotact Troiseal Bags make them best suitable for small and home roasters. Troiseal Bags seal in aroma, safeguard the coffee beans and other grains and maintain the original flavor and aroma. These bags are also hydrocarbon-free so that it is ensured that no unwanted chemicals compromise the product's farm-freshness. 

  1. Ecotact Penta Pak

The Ecotact Penta Pak is the perfect solution for various coffee beans and food grains when it comes to storage and transportation. Having five-panel protection and the pentagon design the Ecotact Penta Pak gets a hold strongly on a flat surface. With high-temperature tolerance ranging from -30° C to 90° C, the Penta Pak also has high resistance to oil and solvents. Transparency and heat-maintaining properties are also the key offerings visibility while preserving the quality of coffee beans and other grains. 

  1. Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags

Ecotact Roaster’s Bundle includes two types of Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags -  4 pieces 0.5 A Sampler Bags and 4 pieces 0.2 Sampler Bags. The sampling of green coffee or any other beans and grains by coffee roasters is one of the most critical exercises in the coffee industry. Being 9-layered hermetically sealed bags, these sampler bags eliminate the need for pesticides and insecticides hence ensuring the beans remain safe and natural. Moreover, aligning with the commitment towards sustainability these sampler bags are eco-friendly coffee bags. 

  1. Cable Ties 

Roaster’s Bundle comes with two kinds of cable ties for roasters including 5 pieces of Reusable Cable Ties and 5 pieces of Metal Detectable Cable Ties. These ties are pivotal in securing packaging bags in an airtight manner. Ensuring the freshness and aroma of coffee beans the cable ties offer an added layer of safety and precaution. Specifically when it comes to the transportation and storage of coffee beans or any other grains, these cable ties play a crucial role. 

  1. Ecotact Biome Trays

To make the coffee-tasting and cupping experiences more unique and sustainable,  Ecotact Biome Trays are designed specially. Being eco-friendly and 100% compostable, the biome trays are strong yet lightweight. Easily transportable, the trays match the rigidness of traditional plastic trays. Conforming to FDA guidelines the Ecotact Biome Trays are a sustainable replacement for plastic and styrofoam disposables. 

Wrapping up, Ecotact Roaster’s Bundle is the best coffee packaging solution that maintains the highest standards of freshness and sustainability. Curated specifically for the roasters, this bundle aligns with Ecotact's eco-friendly technology and processes. Make a sustainable choice and elevate your roasting experience with Ecotact. 

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