Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5: The Ultimate Packaging Solution For Green Coffee Beans, Cacao & Other Grains

May 02, 2024 by Shruti Purohit

In recent times where coffee has gained immense popularity, people consider it as their best driving force. Coffee helps increase productivity & focus and keeps you energetic. Whether it's a get-together with friends, your alone time, or just dealing with the “Monday blues”, that one cup of coffee holds everything together and keeps you fresh. But what's keeping our coffee fresh? There are various factors that play an important role in keeping your green coffee beans, cacao, and other grains fresh. First comes the storage of the beans according to the environment and weather. The other one is the roasting process of your beans. But the most crucial part that we usually forget is the packaging! Moreover, finding the right coffee packaging design is as tricky as finding clothes for a newborn child. It's very crucial to choose appropriate packaging for your green coffee beans, cacao beans, and other grains as you would never want to compromise on the quality and aroma of your favorite coffee, at any cost! 

We at Ecotact, aim at transforming global storage practices with our innovative coffee packaging solutions. Our new Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 is the best example of our dedication to the safety of your food grains along with our food-grade eco friendly packaging. This unique 5-panel, hermetic bag offers the ideal blend of convenience and sustainability for storing your green coffee beans, cacao, and other grains. With its unique five-panel protection and pentagon-shaped base, this packaging ensures secure storage while preserving freshness and extending shelf life of more than 365 days.

How Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 Is Different From Other Packaging Options?

The Ecotact Penta Pak has been mindfully designed to make the packaging of your green coffee, cacao beans, and other grains easy. Here are some of the points that make it unique:

  • Unique 5-panel shape and flat bottom: The 5-panel shape of these hermetic storage bags holds the bag firmly on the surface providing stability.

  • Zero OTR/ WVTR: With close to zero OTR/WVTR green coffee beans, cacao, and other grains remain farm-fresh for 365+ days.

  • Zipper: The high-quality zipper enables easy reusable coffee packaging.

  • Weight-friendly: Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 hermetic storage bags are ideal for 5 & 10 kgs of green coffee beans, cacao, and other grains. They’re also available in two sizes: Penta Pak 7.5 440 mm X 290 mm X 120 mm 5-7 kgs / 11-16.5 lbs of green coffee and cacao and Penta Pak 12.5 400mm (W) x 

  • Keeps your beans Safe from environmental factors: Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 has an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen, odor, and gas.

  • Non-pigmented & 100% recyclable: The bags are transparent and don't have hard pigments, making them easy to recycle. Penta Pak 12.5 is a perfect example of how sustainability, functionality & aesthetic design can go hand in hand.

  • Customizable: The bags are customizable according to size and prints. It brings new convenience to green coffee traders who can sell coffee in lots of 10kgs to roasters & consumers in custom printed bags.

  • Contributing in small-lot trading: The green coffee industry is now prospering in small-lot green coffee trading. Penta-Pak 12.5 helps the trend & enhances their green coffee beans, cacao, and other bean offerings to large, small & home roasters.

How To Use Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Place the Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 on a leveled surface.

2. Start filling coffee/grains manually or with the help of a hopper.

3. When filled, at least a gap of 1.5 cm from the zipper should be left empty

4. Remove excess air and start pressing the zipper.

5. The zipped bag can be heat-sealed at 1 cm from the top of the bag for extra protection for a longer duration.

6. To open the heat-sealed Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5, cut the bag with scissors along the marked area.

7. Continue to seal or reseal the bag by using the air-tight zipper of the Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5.

Ecotact is proud to present the Penta Pak 12.5 as the ultimate solution for green coffee beans, cacao, and other grains packaging needs. Its commitment to a global revolution in storage practices is embodied in this sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution. With its innovative and convenient way of packaging, the Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 offers unparalleled stability and preservation for your green coffee beans, cocao, and other grains. Its unique design not only extends the shelf life of the contents but also facilitates easy storage and assembly. Featuring reusability, 100% recyclability, and exceptional barrier properties against moisture, and unwanted gases, the Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and sustainable packaging. Switch to Ecotact’s innovative eco-friendly coffee packaging solution and embark on a journey towards eco-conscious and efficient storage practices. If you are also ready to make your green coffee beans, cacao and other grains packing easy and efficient like never before, try your hands on the Ecotact Penta Pak 12.5 from the official website of Ecotact

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