Ecotact Takes Innovation Beyond Boundaries at SCE 2023

May 08, 2023 by Shreya Sharma

Above and beyond the boundaries of several continents, Ecotact for the first time ever, marked an exemplary display at the SCE in the United States of America. The concept of the event was beautifully knit with innovation beyond boundaries. With a massive gathering of over 20,000 customers and visitors from all over the world, it definitely was one of the most cherishable events witnessed by the team. 

The SCE 2023 was marked with a world-renowned exhibition by various brands in the coffee packaging industry, and Ecotact as a brand established a great presence at the expo as one of the market leaders in the eco-friendly coffee packaging industry.

Star-performers of Ecotact
Ecotact presented its diverse set of products and their significance in the packaging industry, attracting attention and footfall. Products that were most talked about were:

In addition, all-time performers –  the Ecotact coffee bags, such as the sampler bags and sterile vacuum bags grabbed everyone’s attention. Hermetic packaging technology was widely known and considered to be the go-to choice amongst roasters, and other major coffee brands. The Ecovac Vacuum machine was on display and had a buyer on the very first day of the event. Overall, the team was delighted to share what these versatile elements of packaging have to offer.

Visitors at the Ecotact Booth
Several popular brands and leading lights of the packaging industry, like Mrs. Sunalini Menon – a Q grader and coffee expert, visited the Ecotact booth. Global coffee giants like Starbucks, American coffee roasters Peets Coffee, and Bennetts Coffee Australia also showed a great amount of curiosity around the vast array of offerings. Ecotact catered to various prospective customers and their requirements for its products and services throughout the event, paving the way for promising clients in the future. 

The global expansion of the brand was definitely visible as people recognized the uniquely designed booth that stood for the true aesthetics and ethos of Ecotact.

An Afternoon of Camaraderie

SCE, Portland was a roller coaster filled with amusement, learning, and exploring that helped in expanding our avenues beyond boundaries. To add to the spirit of fun and celebration, the Ecotact luncheon was marked with the reunion of brand partners from across 35 different countries where the CEO and founder of Ecotact, Hanuman Jain addressed everyone with a heart-warming speech. It was a lively atmosphere that witnessed some great rapport-building, photo sessions, merchandise distribution, and a lot more that will definitely serve as keepsakes for years to come in the Ecotact community. It proved to be an afternoon of sheer camaraderie amongst the coffee industry experts of the world.

Final words on SCE 2023

Nothing compares to the happiness that comes straight from the makers of Ecotact! Here’s what the founder and CEO of Ecotact, Hanuman Jain, has to say about their success at SCE Portland —

“This being the largest Ecotact display at any event, the amount of work, back-end efforts, and coordination was a mammoth task. The Ecotact team displayed great coordination and teamwork in making this event a successful one for us. It was great meeting some good friends from the coffee industry and we also got acquainted with newer faces, techniques, and demands from our customers. The demand and need for eco-friendly packaging is on the rise and we are proudly offering recyclable packaging, and compostable accessories our constant endeavor is to come up with more unique offerings that help safeguard the environment. Overall, it was a great show and we hope to take this experience a notch higher in Chicago next year!”

Couldn’t make it to SCE Portland? Don’t worry! You can get a sneak peek of the event and see how it all went for Team Ecotact on our social media.

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