Our bags redefine the traditional notion of coffee bags being bulky burlap or PP bags. With 9 layers that keep coffee and other food grains fresh, our bags offer unprecedented flexibility in terms of food safety, high barrier plastic packaging & storage options.

Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Storage Bags

Product Details

The ecological plastic bags inside burlap bags are extremely strong and have high oxygen and moisture barrier properties to seal the freshness of green coffee throughout the supply chain and storage.

Price starting at US$ 0.92 / Per unit

Ecotact Troiseal Bags

Product Details

These are tamper-proof hermetically sealed bags designed especially for green coffee & other coffee beans. The flexibility of the bag makes it a perfect match for small and homegrown roasters.

Price starting at US$ 1.42 / Per unit

Ecotact Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags

Product Details

Sampling of green coffee by coffee producers/millers/traders/roasters is one of the most critical exercises in the coffee industry.

Price starting at US$ 0.26 / Per unit

Ecotact Sterile Vacuum Bags

Product Details

These high-barrier multi-layered plastic bags are strong & flexible and can preserve food grains for a longer duration. These bags are sealed scientifically after extracting the excess air. They are space convenient and can be easily packed into corrugated cartons wherein branding can be done in the most attractive ways.

Price starting at US$ 0.48 / Per unit

Ecotact Ship Shield Hermetic Container Liners

Product Details

High-tech Ship Shield Hermetic Container Liner is designed to store and transport grains in a hermetically sealed structure. Manufactured in a cleanroom facility and meeting FDA standards, this ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015, bags come with high barrier properties which keep the aroma and the moisture content of the grain intact.

Price starting at US$ 177 / Per unit