A robust blend of advanced technology and ultimate precision for outstanding performance. ECOVAC 50 is a powerful FLP Nozzle type vacuum machine with durability, power and seal compression.

Product Details

Crafted with advanced technology, easy to use control system and innovative design, this machine provides the best precise vacuum packaging.

Accepting various sizes for vacuuming, starting from 250 grams of food grains up to 50 kilograms, ECOVAC 50 is definitely the most economical way of precision packaging for long term storage and transportation of food grains. This machine helps food grains remain in farm fresh dried condition, keeping the aroma and moisture levels intact for a long duration.

This machine is additionally capable of Nitrogen flushing and sealing for enhancing the shelf life of food grains. But for this nitrogen cylinder / generator will be required.

ECOVAC 50 accepts various sizes for vacuuming starting from 250 grams of food grains up to 50 Kilograms of it.


• Machine Size

Sealing bar length of 350 mm to 2000 mm.

• Over-all size

Width + 50 to 100 mm of sealing bar length. Depth upto 600 mm, Height 900 mm to 2000 mm.


Vacuum Packaging involves placing items in a plastic film package (Manually or automatically), removing air from inside (Mostly atmospheric oxygen) and sealing the package. With vacuum packaging you can:

Bullet Check Icon   Extend the shelf life of grains

Bullet Check Icon  Reduce the volume of the contents and package

Bullet Check Icon   Limit the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi

Bullet Check Icon   Get improved food safety and ensure food quality

Bullet Check Icon   Optimise storage and transportation

Bullet Check Icon   Ensure best condition of food; keeping it fresh and moisture-free

Bullet Check Icon   Get flexibility in packaging food and grains

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