World of Coffee 2023 - The Middle Eastern Way

The outset of 2023 witnessed the World of Coffee, a premier coffee trade event, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from January 11th to 13th. The Zabeel Hall in the World Trade Centre was furnished with the most intricate aesthetics that aligned with various elements of the coffee industry. With an idea tailored to bring UAE’s coffee businesses and more together, the ground was filled with exhibitors and visitors from all across the globe. The vision of the event was strong and clear - take the ever-growing coffee industry to a whole new level.

Events that are executed on a global scale are a great way to strengthen networks by showcasing the potential of coffee roasters, producers, traders, and distributors on a single platform. Such was the essence of World of Coffee, Dubai.

Key highlights that stole the show

  • The entire event across three days included guest lecture sessions, a cupping room, the UAE championship, a brew bar, and a lot more!

  • . With a spirit of community building, the roaster village placed in the heart of the event grabbed eyeballs and this pioneering community display paved the way for inspiring experience sharing and building solid partnerships in the span of three days.

  • Ecotact decided to become an exhibitor with our local distributor of the UAE, The Brewing Gadgets. Alongside, there was a booth designed to give a first-hand experience to visitors by showcasing the freshness-powered product range of Ecotact.

  • A sense of curiosity was built around the event towards what Ecotact had in store for them. The diverse product portfolio such as our sampler bags marked strong features such as size and reusability making them modern-day symbols of sustainable packaging for the roasters and samplers.

  • The overall event was marked with positive partnerships and associations. Several buyers and sellers came majorly from Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, along with Ethiopia.

  • The footfall grew gradually from the first day to the second with numerous visitors at our booth. It indeed was amazing to be recognized by a large number of coffee producers and traders. Most of the eyes were set on the Ecotact 80 storage bag for its convenience in logistics.

What really amazed the visitors about Ecotact?

On understanding the engineering and the driving innovative force behind the Ecotact products, the visitors grew more and more inquisitive about the science behind it. Here’s a list of features that won hearts at the World of Coffee:

  • The Ecotact products are designed meticulously to ensure, close to zero Water Transmission Rate and Oxygen Transmission Rate, which means, there is no room for moisture. 

  • The multi-layered hermetic packaging locks in the farm-fresh aroma of the coffee beans making them just as rich and authentic in taste, for the perfect experience.

  • With a vision of harnessing the environmental damage in the packaging industry, Ecotact focused its exhibition on the power of colorless packaging and recyclability- 2 major pillars of Ecotact.

  • Ecotact didn’t stop at the display of its wide array of products. There was a heavy emphasis on the importance of sustainability, which was heavily reflected in the making of Ecotact products. The role of packaging in any industry should eventually cater to the needs of the environment.

  • Our Packaging bags and Sterile Vacuum bags were showcased at the DMCC, a leading member of the Dubai Coffee Community. 

The focus on sustainability was found at each step and extended to the use of cotton paper leaflets used by the Ecotacters. Ecotact today is an integral part of the coffee community and our range of products was available for display at multiple other booths at WOC. Ecotact has a massive market presence and our innovative sustainable solutions are being recognized and appreciated everywhere!

We’d like to thank our partners in Dubai @Thebrewinggadgets for being a part of our insightful journey at WOC.


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