Why The Right Green Coffee Packaging Is Critical For A Good Cup Of Coffee

September 21, 2021 by Ecotact

When packaging becomes ‘Art’ you know there’s something unique about it. Packaging has long been more than a simple container or wrapper for a product that protects it, facilitates handling and details its features and specifications. Our primary motive has ever since been to ace the packaging for green coffee beans and dried grains so that the freshness is intact. Curating the packaging and storing bags requires a science along with art in order to achieve desired results. With several years of research and development and satiated clients we know we are at it.

With green coffee, the biggest challenge is it’s shelf life. No matter how good in quality the green coffee beans are, the freshness and aroma will reduce in a short span of time. However, if it is hermetically packed in vacuum sealed bags,it can retain it’s fragrance and flavour upto more than a year. This takes care of the entire supply chain journey from a producer to a miller/exporter/importer/trader/roaster etc.  

What kind of packaging is the most suitable for your coffee depends on several factors. Factors like how you are storing your product, how the product is going to be shipped or where it is going to be sold and if the end customer is a retail customer or an industrial buyer, need to be considered while packaging the product.

The right packaging is what holds your coffee products and protects them from losing their original flavour. The biggest challenge that even a producer faces is to store and package the green coffee beans appropriately so that it reaches the target consumer intact. 

We at Ecotact have spent several years of research and developed the best storing and packaging solution for green coffee beans and dried grains. It ensures that the aroma is maintained and Sensitive food and vitamin content is protected at all times. The bags are highly resistant towards oil and soluble substances and completely hydrocarbon free.There is no need to use pesticide or insecticide as it ensures no mold growth. It can tolerate heat and temperature between  (-30 ° C to 90° C). The Ecotact hermetically packed sampler bags for packaging  are made out of 9 layers which are transparent so that one can see the contents of the packaging without opening the seal.Besides, these are designed to be recyclable and eco-friendly.

Good packaging not only saves coffee from multiple environmental hazards, but it also makes your product more marketable. Coffee packaging serves both purposes- keeping  your coffee safe and advertises it with colorful designs and layouts.The rich aroma and inherent flavors and textures of green coffee remains preserved and the cupping score remains maintained throughout the value chain journey of green coffee from the origin to the final consumer.

Further, tests have shown oxygen levels above 5% can cause significant oxidation and affect the coffee’s freshness and quality within days of packaging; therefore, the minimum recommendation is lesser  than a 3% residual oxygen level. Many roasters that strive for high quality and customer satisfaction seek to curtail further exposure . They   will push for lower levels to protect their coffee’s flavor and freshness for an extended amount of time. Considering the criterions for bagging the best in class coffee brand, the best in class packaging would ensure that the original flavour and aroma is retained.The Ecotact multilayered hermetic packaging and storing solutions are the best in quality in the market which are used by importers,exporters,producers,roasters and traders. With several years of experience and a history of happy customers, Ecotact hermetic bags are the best option that you can choose for your green coffee beans.

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