What to Expect in the Evolving Landscape of Cocoa Transportation

February 25, 2022 by Nayantara Jacob

Discover the best ways to transport cocoa beans with our expertly designed cacao bean containers to ensure secure transport of beans while preserving their quality.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone likes chocolate - as a sweet treat, in ointments, balms, or butter. It’s no secret that the world loves chocolate - with the global chocolate market worth US$ 134 Bn. However, even with its universal appeal, chocolate’s main ingredient -cocoa beans- are grown only in subtropical climates: largely in South America and coastal Africa. 

So how do cocoa beans grown in only certain parts of the world reach chocolate lovers everywhere? A delicate transportation process that ensures the aroma and flavor of cocoa beans coffee remain intact through long and arduous journeys. 

Cocoa Beans Transportation Tips

When shipping cocoa beans it’s important to remember that a lot of external factors like temperature, humidity, moisture, and time will affect your beans. Cocoa transportation is a myriad of balances to ensure beans remain fresh even when traveling diverse landscapes. 

  1. Keep it cool: The best way to control fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels is to transport beans in a cool and dry environment. Multilayered bags with moisture locks are perfect for this. However, it’s imperative to ensure the cool temperature doesn’t turn cold as that could be harmful to the beans as well. 

  1. No moisture allowed: The best yardstick to ensure the quality of cocoa beans is to keep its Free Fatty Acid (FFA) levels even. When moisture interacts with beans they tend to raise FFA levels which can leave it tasting acidic and affect its quality. 

  1. Airtight is the answer: An airtight or vacuum-packed cacao bean container is the best way to ensure no external elements harm your beans. Be it moisture, humidity, insects, rodents, or more. The best way to lock in the fresh flavor and aroma is by investing in the right hermetic packaging. 

Packed and Ready For Travel 

Cocoa beans transportation takes place over sea and land. This is why different vehicles require different precautions: 

  1. By sea: In case packed in cargo ships, the beans need to be stored below decks away from any heat source. 

  1. By land: In case of being transported across land, it's important to keep your cargo in closed compartments of the vehicle. 

How To Prevent Transportation Problems

It’s important to keep your cocoa beans secure through their journey. 

  • Monitor weather conditions of areas of travel 

  • Ensure water levels are below 8% at all times 

  • Ensure storage space is dry and cool 

  • Keep rodents and pests away from where the beans are stored

  • Use packaging that is sturdy and airtight 

How Ecotact Helps 

Packaging is essential to cocoa bean transportation. Hermetic packaging that is airtight with moisture locks is what helps humidity and temperature levels remain stable. This retains the farm freshness of cocoa beans even as they travel halfway across the world. Ecotact is a global coffee packaging supplier and coffee bag manufacturer that offers multilayered hermetic biodegradable coffee bags. Our vacuum-sealed coffee bags are the perfect packaging solution for cocoa beans. Enjoy high-quality delicious chocolate from anywhere in the world with the best coffee packaging for your beans!

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