How to Process Green Coffee Bean Extract? And Its Benefits

How to Process Green Coffee Bean Extract? And Its Benefits

Coffee is the lifeline we all love. Coffee lovers enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee to kick start their day, all around the world. Coffee that starts out as green coffee bean extracts. Green beans are extracted from the red fruits or coffee berries on plants halfway between shrubs & trees. 

Process of Extraction:

Making a coffee plant thrive with its rich, dark, green, glossy leaves is a labour of love for coffee farmers worldwide. Harvesting green coffee beans are very delicate work and need to be handpicked. This makes it difficult to do mechanical harvesting. 

The fruit cherries contain 2 coffee seeds that are pitted against one another. About 5% of the cherries contain only one seed, known as peaberries. These berries are much denser all the while producing a sweet tint for more flavorful coffee. 

The coffee is first sorted by colour and then the flesh of the berry is removed. The seeds are fermented to remove the slimy coating. After fermentation, seeds are washed to the residue which generates a large amount of wastewater filled with coffee. 

Roasting in Coffee Powder Extraction:

How do beans go from green coffee beans to dark brown coffee beans? Roasting is key to the green coffee bean extraction process. Roasting enhances the aroma and taste of the beans. Green coffee beans contain high levels of an antioxidant known as chlorogenic acids.

Roasting happens above 300°F or 180°C temperature driving the moisture out of the beans. There is a significant amount of water retention that happens in green unroasted coffee beans. 

Water Process Method of Coffee Powder Extraction:

In this process, green beans are rinsed and boiled at a 1:4 ratio. When you boil the beans aggressively, it takes less time but yields in a more concentrated brew. The degree of texture is essential as it is vital to the filter process. It makes coffee retain particles at the bottom of the bowl. 

The extraction time of coffee is long but depends on numerous factors- grind size, roast, coffee dose and yield. A standard yield is twice the amount of dose that grinds. In the first few seconds, more than 70% of caffeine is extracted. 

Green Beans and You - Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits 

  1. Detoxifier

Being natural all around, green coffee beans work as a natural detoxifier. These aid in flushing out excess fat, toxins and cholesterol to strengthen immunity. 

Chlorogenic acid is the antioxidant that is present in the coffee bean. Some believe that this acid reduces the number of carbohydrates we consume. In addition, they also improve the function of the fat-burning hormone. 

  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Today, heart diseases are on the rise and their major factor is high cholesterol and triglycerides. Studies show that green coffee bean extract reduces fasting plasma cholesterol by 44% and triglycerides by 58%. 

  1. Overcoming Alzheimer's disease

Being a mental disorder, Alzheimer's attacks the nerves of the brain. Here the caffeine content aids in maintaining blood circulation and higher production of brain fluid. 

  1. Anti-cancer effects

Caffeine wards off any spread or formation of cancer as coffee contains anti-cancer properties. Green coffee bean extract benefits in combating free radical damage to the body. The research has shown chlorogenic acid prevents the formation of tumour cells. 

  1. Weight Loss

Burning fat is a necessity, especially with a disease like obesity. The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extracts accelerates metabolism. It is the perfect answer to diet programs as it is easily absorbed by the body. 

Green coffee beans not only aid in weight loss but also in reducing the risk of chronic disease. This happens due to the presence of adiponectin which reduces blood glucose. 

Green Coffee Beans Packaging:

The green coffee bean extraction process can easily absorb and retain moisture. Therefore, airtight or hermetic coffee packaging bags are needed to lock in the flavours and aromas. When it comes to storing, jute and burlap bags are used. They are eco-friendly but don't give proper security, only multi-layered hermetic green coffee bags can ensure that beans are properly protected against pest and fungi problems all while staying sustainable. Our green coffee bags are focused on freshness, innovation and the environment. 

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