Home Coffee Roasting - Storing your Green coffee beans

July 21, 2021 by Hanuman Jain

“Home Coffee Roasting - Storing your Green coffee beans”.

It is not unknown that high quality green coffee beans and brewing those with precision is the secret to an aroma-filled ‘cup of joe’. The process begins right from its inception and continues with the packaging and storage of the green coffee beans. When you are passionate about what you create but don’t have the perfect means to preserve it, it can be extremely infuriating. Therefore, it is quintessential for roasters to pay careful attention to the quality of green beans, cupping multiple samples, then identify the ideal roast profile, trying several options to discover how to best bring out the coffee’s flavors and identify the best storage system for your coffee. Storage, if not perfected, can be the biggest pain area for home roasters who believe in quality control.

Green coffee has a shelf life of up to a year. Roasted coffee, on the other hand, is notorious for fading in weeks. It is the roasting process that develops the flavors and aromatic notes that we often associate coffee with – be they chocolate, caramel, or floral ones. But as the coffee beans transform sensorially, their chemical composition changes too.

Your roasted coffee is vulnerable to multiple elements: light, heat, moisture, and most of all, oxygen. Good storage should maintain the coffee’s freshness, preserving its characteristics for as long as possible, so that your customers get to enjoy it at its best.

Preserving green coffee beans can be a task for small home roasters who have storage or space constraints. While there are different views on whether or not coffee should be frozen or refrigerated. Awareness about the right solution for storing and packaging your passionately grown green coffee beans and roasting them with precision, will give you an edge over your competitors.

Being porous, coffee beans are hygroscopic. In simpler terms, coffee beans tend to absorb the fragrance of anything that it comes in contact with. So, if you store flowers along with loosely kept coffee beans, it will absorb the smell of the flower easily. In order to retain the authentic freshness of aroma which it originally has, the coffee beans need to be preserved well. A good packaging company of coffee beans should consider the following threats in mind while manufacturing the storage packets. 

  1. Moisture levels

  2. Temperature levels

  3. Light levels

  4. Pests

  5. Time

  6. Storage and packaging options

Your beans’ greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light. Freshness is critical to a quality cup of coffee. Experts agree that coffee should be consumed as quickly as possible after it is roasted, especially once the original packaging seal has been broken. Most home storage containers still let in small amounts of oxygen, which is why food stored a long time in the freezer can suffer freezer burn. Therefore, if you do refrigerate or freeze your beans, be sure to use a truly airtight container. If you choose to freeze your coffee, quickly remove as much as you need for no more than a week at a time, and return the rest to the freezer before any condensation forms on the frozen coffee. It is best to store them in specially designed and curated hermetic packages which promise to keep its freshness and maintain the aroma for a very long period.

What are Ecotact storage bags?

These are tamper-proof, hermetically sealed bags designed especially for storing green coffee, parchment and even degassed roasted coffee beans. The uniqueness of the bag lies in the flexibility which makes it a perfect match for small or home roasters. Further, these are recyclable and eco-friendly and can also be used to store cocoa and other dried food grains.

Ecotact has customised solutions for small home roasters.

  1.  Multilayered Hermetic Sampler Bags: Sampling of green coffee is one of the most crucial tasks for producers/millers/traders/roasters.

  1. Troiseal Bags: These are tamper-proof hermetic packages exclusively designed for small and homegrown roasters.

The journey of a green coffee bean before it reaches your roastery is long and tedious. Your supply chain partners along with the producers and logistic partners need to maintain a reliable and consistent way to provide you with fresh and fragrant coffee beans. Lengthy storage times also lead to quantitative and qualitative decline in the beans. Therefore, it is essential to ensure timeframes into your storage plans. With Ecotact hermetic packages, preserving your green coffee beans is assured and insured. It offers you a guarantee of storing the homegrown coffee beans, adding the icing on your perfectly roasted and brewed cup of delicious coffee. For more information write a comment below for our team to get back to you.

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