Extending our freshness to the flat-white coffee nations!

February 28, 2023 by Shreya Sharma

It’s time to meet the flat-white coffee nations 

While coffee is considered to be a strong symbolic culture in major parts of the world, Ecotact is delighted to embrace yet another coffee region (or regions) in its community.

The flat white coffee culture! 

Ecotact has its focus on serving nothing less than the authentic premium-ness of coffee beans, no matter what region they come from. In the last couple of years, we formed a large community of over 35 nations across the globe and we are now happy to finally extend our services to New Zealand and Australia.

What makes Flat White so popular?

The Director of the Melbourne Coffee Academy expresses his opinion on the origin of flat white by calling it both Australian and New Zealander. Australian Baristas have claimed to coin the term flat white by noticing the growing popularity of an espresso served with steamed milk in the mid-1980s. On the other hand, a New Zealander barista confirms his discovery of flat white trying to make a cappuccino.

Across the globe, millions of people are now switching to milk-based coffee. Flat whites are listed on every chalkboard as they are considered to be hip. Vogue has called this drink their “latest coffee obsession”. While there have been whole-hearted claims made by both the Nationals on flat white coffee, it is a trending talk of the town.

While the coffee is considered rather bolder in taste, the concentration differs from barista to barista, via milk to coffee composition. Although, a unanimous explanation implies that a flat white is anything under 6 oz of thinly textured flat milk with a double shot of espresso. A latte is anything from 7-10 oz. So, anything over 6 oz is not flat white.

Despite the controversy, these two countries appear to make flat whites the same way. This involves:

  • Two shots of espresso

  • 4–5 oz. of steamed milk

  • 0.5 oz. of microfoam

It’s that simple. Or not.

How art brings the two coffee cultures together

  • Flat white sets a great base for art & designs. While there is sufficient room for the preparation of art patterns on the foam, let’s look at the various ways in which baristas take up intricate flat-white art. 

  • One of the most recognizable designs to top it off is the leaf pattern. These designs come with great flow and yet are the simplest ones in the art culture.

  • A delicate design of a heart & peacock can be crafted by shifting the swirl midway or by carefully dragging the milk to adjust the shape of the art.

  • A beautiful lotus flower & heart design can create a ring-like effect throughout the surface.

It is a no-brainer that flat white is one of the most carefully blended coffees where the baristas have to be proficient with frothing, folding, and pouring milk to create a great cup of flat white.

Despite the complexity associated with this beverage, it is very well known that its flavors are extremely unique. With our innovative hermetic packaging solutions, your coffee obsession is definitely bound to undergo a transformation and make you fall in love with your cup of flat white, all over again!

Welcoming the culture of flat white in Ecotact

With all these efforts that go into brewing a delicious cup o’ coffee, it would be heartbreaking to have a rather bland, flat white. To protect and preserve the richness of coffee beans that give you a flat white(that you love!), Ecotact is set in action to offer farm-like freshness to your mug. With high barrier protection, these multi-layered storage bags are designed to keep the premium coffee beans completely authentic. 

Next time you get yourself a flat white, make sure it's served in a cappuccino mug, all velvety, and milky with a taste of double espresso. If it isn’t, is it even flat white? 

We’re available with Opal Coffee Distributor in both New Zealand and Australia! Check out our range of packaging and storage solutions.

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