Exploring Facets of Coffee Production with Mr.Carlos Melen, Ceo, Good Coffee Farms

May 10, 2021 by Navneet Jain

We spoke to Mr. Carlos Melen about various coffee production techniques while delving into the sustainability of these produces. We broadly spoke on 4 major topics around coffee production and gaining an industry insight from the industry expert himself. Let’s read along

What are the ecological benefits of dry bicycle de-pulping machine and how did it come about?

Well, back in those days I did not have enough money to buy one of those big industrial machines and those would cost a fortune because of the amount of water they would take up to peel the beans perfectly. Yes, according to the website of Specialty Coffee Association of United States, it specifies that for each kilogram of green beans that we produce through the regular machine, we are using 10,000 litres of water. This gave birth to my idea where we don’t use a single drop of water with this machine. That changes everything. Now with one of these devices we can produce 17 tonnes of green beans or let’s call it one container.

Do you use Brix meter for handpicking the right cherries?

We use Brix meter twice to collect the cherries. We check the Brix sugar level at the farm, and then go for the collection, post which it takes up to 3 to 4 hours for them to take it to the mill, where we have the machines. Depending on the weather of the particular day, the coffee may change its color a bit. So we check again and depending on the result we decide, if we are going to do a wash process.

Tell us about your experience of growing coffee in Japan

Japan has a lot more access to technology and methods. So, they have been applying their expertise in technology in coffee production too. What we trying to do is an exchange of information. Here in Japan, because of the landscape and the locations, the tropical climate and altitude, Japan is an emerging player in coffee business. But as much as they are turning into a global player they never compromise on quality. They go for quality with small quantities.

What are your views on keeping green coffee intact with Ecotact?

Ecotact bags are sustainable, economical and very importantly environment friendly. They keep the flavor of the beans intact thus prolonging the freshness and durability.

How has your experience with Ecotact been?

My experience with Ecotact is amazing. I think I have been doing a great job working as a promoter of Ecotact bags, because everywhere I go, I just mention about the bags and tell them you need to use bags like this because they will help you to either way keep, preserve or it could also help to improve the quality. Vacuum pack is very important to preserve and we have very good results with Ecotact bags. Depending on the quality of the coffee, and what the clients/customers wants, we pack with vacuum and put it in boxes and ship it by air.

Here’s our detailed video interview with Mr.Carlos Melen. Do give it a watch!  

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