Ecotact joins hands with CoE - A partnership towards a sustainable future


In the last few years, the coffee industry has witnessed an ever-growing pursuit for excellence in the quality of coffee production. It has become rudimentary to conduct a highly transparent & standardised qualitative assessment.

Ecotact & CoE - The collaborative vision

With a collective vision of not just enhancing but redefining quality within the coffee industry, this fruitful collaboration envisions Ecotact offering their eco-friendly, sustainable packaged bags for the most prestigious championship held in the global coffee industry. 

The Ecotact Founder and CEO, Hanuman Jain has a very futuristic vision for this collaboration. The two brands come together as “natural allies'' and this landmark unification of vision for the pursuit of excellence sets a benchmark for the specialty coffee industry.  Ecotact strives to ensure that the finest specialty coffee receives the best protection at each stage of the competition. Our obsession with preserving the quality and freshness of specialty coffee empowers the participants and organisers of CoE.” 

  • With this partnership, Ecotact is ready to offer the best packaging solution for specialty coffee keeping the environment intact at the CoE championship that identifies and recognizes quality coffee. 

  • The collaborative effort will work with Ecotact aiding in recognition of quality coffee and recognising the importance of Ecotact in its preservation sustainably. This will further establish the brand Ecotact as the best in class.

Daniel Darrin, ACE and CoE Executive Director states that-

"With any quality-oriented program identifying and recognizing coffee quality, such as the Cup of Excellence competition, hermetic packaging and innovation are a must! We are very excited to announce our partnership with Ecotact to ensure the best coffees in the world are also packaged in the best, innovative packaging systems in the world. We look forward to working with Ecotact for our micro-lot packaging as well as sample bag packaging to our members for their evaluation in over 44 countries around the world where our membership grows." 

The future of Ecotact after this integration

The most awaited event in the coffee-producing industry welcomes the collaboration between Ecotact and CoE. Ecotact as a brand would now be able to spread its wings across both micro and macro level in the global coffee industry.

Karishma, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ecotact, shared her views on the unexplored avenues that are now open for Ecotact. Here’s what Karishma said:

“This collaboration between Ecotact and COE gives us an opportunity to reach the best coffee-producing markets and the actual users of Ecotact - the farmers and producers. As the Presidential Sponsor, Ecotact will have direct access to events and great visibility at each stage of the competition for COE & Private Auctions.”

Why did this collaboration excite Ecotact? 

Ecotact has always believed in meaningful associations for mutual growth and this collaboration definitely works well for our brand visibility. 

  • This collaboration brings together Ecotact’s global partners and represents themselves as Ecotacters in their regions of operations. 

  • It has come as an opportunity to empower participants and strengthen their trust because Ecotact ensures the freshness of green coffee for more than 1 year when packed and stored.

Various aspects of marketing will be strengthened given the reach, distribution, and exposure received across the globe. 

  • This collaboration ensures that we reach our users at a time that is crucial for them - the competition stages, where the freshness of coffee is key. 

  • It is a direct demonstration of our product and definitely strengthens the participants' trust in Ecotact. Moreover, our brand visibility gets a good boost at competition stages, winner ceremonies, and auctions. 

What makes Ecotact bags optimum for packaging?

Ecotact ensures to offer the best type of packaging solutions to participants’ coffee produce from all over the world while they go through the three-step evaluation process at the CoE championship by the industry stalwarts.

Navneet Jain, the Director of Exports at Ecotact has highlighted challenges that coffee grains usually face during storage and distribution. Premium quality coffee grains need optimum moisture levels & aroma preservation during the storage and distribution phase. 

Challenges like-

  • Moisture ingression & mould growth

  • Insect infestation

  • Loss of aroma

All these challenges lead to an overall deduction in cupping score which is the ultimate downfall for coffee grains’ quality, from the production to consumption phase.

Team Ecotact, Mr. Hanuman Jain (CEO), Mr.Navneet Jain (CFO), Ms.Karishma Sharma (CMO)

So what makes the 9-layered hermetic packaging stand out when it comes to the packaging & protection of coffee beans?

  • Ecotact with its 9 high barrier layers for oxygen and moisture protects quality coffee from any loss of cupping score during storage and distribution. 

  • OTR & WVTR of ecotact hermetic packaging is both close to zero, a benchmark in the industry. The inherent freshness of coffee remains intact for more than a year with ecotact. Also, the products are 100% recyclable and reusable thus keeping sustainability at heart all the time.

How will this collaboration help farmers and coffee distributors across the globe?

  • Maintained cupping scores of high-quality coffee through different stages of storage and distribution, the quality coffee produced by farmers shall get its complete worth.

  • The farmers and distributors will experience complete satisfaction by nurturing and preserving the world’s most premium coffee. It’s a win-win for everyone - from the farmers to the consumers - in the ecosystem.

The ultimate Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence is a globally recognized competition that witnesses thousands of coffee submissions every year that undergo an unmatched level of scrutiny. This level of judgement gives a pass to the winning coffees to be sold in global markets at premium prices, where the farmers benefit the most from these global auctions. 


The CoE championship has set a benchmark for the evaluation of coffee beans in the industry and recognizing the true value of the top-performing coffee. The program has benefited the farmers who displayed excellent production of coffee by lending a hand to upgrade the farming infrastructure and offering tools for boosting the economic models of farming. Overall, this platform serves for the holistic development of farmers around the world.


  • The joint effort by Ecotact & CoE will prove to be one of the most sustainable partnerships in the global coffee industry. Ecotact is the official packaging partner for CoE partner country organisations & ACE Private collection Auction partners and the organisations are committed to working together to promote excellence in specialty coffee. 

  • With Ecotact’s specialisation in storage & packaging solutions, this collaboration will ensure coffee is transported in their optimum state to buyers not just at various National or International championships, but further across the global coffee industry as a whole.


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