Ecotact for Roasters: Preserve Flavor, Elevate Freshness

In the world of coffee, flavor and freshness are paramount. The aromatic journey from green coffee beans to the perfect cup of joe is a delicate one, and every step along the way can influence the final outcome. Roasters, in particular, understand the importance of preserving the exquisite flavors locked within coffee beans.

To achieve this, they turn to innovative solutions like hermetic storage bags, and vacuum packaging bags, all designed to safeguard the precious essence of coffee.

In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of preserving flavor and freshness in the coffee industry. We will also explore how Ecotact is helping roasters achieve better excellence in their quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

The Importance of Preserving Flavor and Freshness in the Coffee Industry

Before we delve into the transformative power of Ecotact bags, let's first acknowledge why preserving flavor and freshness is paramount in the coffee industry. Coffee, a complex beverage with over 800 aromatic compounds, is a testament to nature's artistry. Its flavors and aromas are a reflection of the origin, processing, and roasting methods. Yet, these delicate qualities are susceptible to deterioration if not handled with care.

Green coffee beans are the canvas on which roasters paint their flavor profiles. They are, however, sensitive to external factors such as oxygen, moisture, and light. Exposure to these elements can lead to the degradation of coffee beans, resulting in a loss of flavor and aroma. For roasters, this is an unacceptable compromise.

Ecotact Solutions: Preserving Coffee's Essence through Every Process

Ecotact offers a range of solutions that address the unique challenges faced by coffee roasters. From green coffee storage to coffee cupping, Ecotact bags are engineered to elevate the coffee preservation game.

Green Coffee Storage: Ecotact Troiseal bags, tailored for green coffee beans and coffee variants, are hermetically sealed marvels offering numerous benefits. They safeguard aroma, protect food and vitamin content, and maintain authentic flavor, ensuring pristine beans. This hydrocarbon-free, temperature-tolerant (-30°C to 90°C), and solvent-resistant bags are eco-friendly and recyclable. With transparency and heat-maintaining properties, they negate the need for pesticides, prevent mold growth, and are precisely designed for smaller lots (up to 25 pounds of green coffee packaging). These hermetic bags are your steadfast allies in preserving coffee perfection from bean to cup.

Coffee Cupping: In the coffee roasting and cupping process, where professionals assess the flavors and aromas of coffee beans, Ecotact biome trays stand out as an eco-friendly and compostable choice. These trays are not only eco-friendly and 100% compostable but also boast high-temperature tolerance, ensuring they can withstand the demands of coffee evaluation. Their strong yet lightweight construction makes them easily transportable, and they match the rigidness of traditional plastic trays while conforming to FDA guidelines. As a sustainable replacement for plastic and styrofoam disposables, Ecotact biome trays underscore their commitment to environmental responsibility, making them the ideal partner for maintaining coffee quality and promoting eco-conscious practices in the coffee industry.

Coffee Cupping: The Ultimate Test

Coffee cupping is a critical part of the roasting process. It's the stage where roasters evaluate the quality and flavor profile of their roasted beans. Ecotact solutions play a pivotal role in this phase as well. The hermetic storage provided by Ecotact bags ensures that the green coffee beans are in the best possible condition before roasting. This means that the starting point for roasters is already at its peak, allowing them to fine-tune their roasting techniques and bring out the best in the beans.

Additionally, the vacuum packaging bags can be used for sample distribution during cupping sessions. This ensures that the coffee samples retain their freshness and aroma, enabling roasters to make accurate assessments of the beans' quality. It's a win-win situation – not only do the beans benefit from superior storage, but roasters can also trust that their cupping evaluations are based on the true potential of the coffee.

The Roaster Bundle: A Comprehensive Solution

The Ecotact Roaster Bundle is a comprehensive solution for coffee roasters dedicated to preserving flavor and quality. This all-inclusive package comprises essential items such as the Penta Pak and Troiseal Bag for green coffee bean storage, 0.5 A and 0.2 Sampler Bags for precise sampling, Reusable Cable Ties, Metal Detectable Cable Ties for organization and safety, and Biome Trays for eco-friendly cupping sessions. This bundle covers every aspect of the coffee journey, from sourcing and storing green coffee beans to sampling and sustainable cupping, making it the ultimate choice for elevating the coffee roasting experience while prioritizing quality and sustainability.

Speaking of the troiseal bags especially, it ensures optimal preservation of green coffee beans' freshness, the sampler bags allow for precise sampling, and the biome trays enhance sustainability in the cupping process, reflecting a commitment to excellence and eco-conscious practices.

These have:

  • High-temperature tolerance

  • Flavor and inherent quality maintained

  • Recyclable and eco-friendly properties

Ecotact Troiseal Bags: Preserving Coffee Excellence for All

Ecotact Troiseal Bags, designed specifically for green coffee and other coffee beans, are versatile and cater to a diverse audience in the coffee industry. These hermetically sealed bags feature tamper-proof mechanisms, ensuring that once closed, they cannot be easily opened or altered without evident signs of tampering. This security feature is crucial for maintaining the beans' integrity and quality throughout their journey, making these bags a reliable choice for home coffee roasters, small-scale roasteries, coffee retailers, importers, and coffee connoisseurs alike, all seeking to preserve the freshness and excellence of their beans.


In conclusion, the journey from green coffee beans to a perfect cup of coffee is a sensory adventure that coffee roasters take pride in. Preserving flavor and freshness at every step of this journey is a non-negotiable requirement. Ecotact is the trusted partner that helps roasters preserve the essence of this beloved beverage, offering green coffee bean bags, hermetic storage bags, and vacuum packaging bags to elevate coffee to new heights.


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