Ecotact at SCA Japan 2022: Unlocking a New Achievement

November 09, 2022 by Shreya Sharma

SCA Japan - Held in Tokyo on 12th-14th October

Specialty Coffee Association is an organisation that is member-based and thousands of coffee professionals like producers, distributors, and baristas from across the globe are a part of this association. With the principle of inclusivity and knowledge-sharing, it helps in building a global coffee community and aids in producing specialty coffee through a sustainable process for the complete value chain via leadership in events, education and the field of research.


Specialty Coffee Association believes in-

  • Building a sustainable specialty coffee industry

  • Fostering professional engagement and individualistic growth

  • Expanding the global network & enhancing relations with stakeholders

  • Offering tremendous services to the members of the global specialty coffee community


Ecotact comes together with SCA Japan

Adding to another fruitful collaboration, Ecotact came together with SCA Japan to mark its impact at a prestigious level to bring forth its diverse products and services in the coffee packaging industry. The event was hosted in Japan which led to a higher degree of Ecotact’s recognition across all continents. 


A glimpse into the event

The aim of SCA Japan was to redefine the sustainability aspect of specialty coffee in the industry and Ecotact was delighted to be a part of this journey with its active participation in the month of October 2022. Specialty Coffee Association Japan was held from October 12th to 14th at the Tokyo big site and witnessed a mass gathering of around 45,000 people across the three-day event.

A vast majority of the visitors at the Ecotact booth were found to be micro-roasters among many. Ecotact won hearts with its engaging marketing initiatives & grabbed a lot of attention with its superior packaging products such as hermetic bags. People found it rather interesting that packaging solutions now hold the power to keep their coffee farms fresh.

Ecotact set up a freshly creative booth that attracted everyone from the wholesalers, roasters, cafe & restaurant owners and several packaging & machinery brands. The booth looked splendid in vibrant hues of floral designs with cherry blossoms decoration, TV display and spotlight. The unique jute bag designs and colorful wallpaper pictures built inquisitiveness in the visitors.

Ecotact won everyone’s trust and built a strong rapport with visitors on the basis of justified product pricing and the quality of hermetic packaging.

To top it all up, day three witnessed the COE team interact with Ecotact on the significance of Ecotact products to discuss how these packaging bags ensure that consumers receive premium quality coffee for consumption. Being the Presidential sponsor of the Cup of Excellence, Ecotact happily hosted the team and strengthened its relations with the COE team.

A forward-looking thought

With such remarkable initiatives taken up by SCA, Ecotact is looking forward to participating and contributing to these action-packed events. The aim is to be a leading packaging solution in the industry by building awareness on sustainable packaging. Products such as multi-layered hermetic packaging bags, sterile vacuum bags, etc. are paving the way for healthier sustainable options. In the coming years, there is a hope to build a community that believes in eco-friendly packaging without compromising on the quality of coffee irrespective of the location of importers or exporters.



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