Do you know what keeps your coffee fresh?

September 09, 2021 by Hanuman Jain

Sitting in a plush cafe,by the window side table while sipping on my favourite cup of arome-filled coffee and pondering over a novel or a chit-chat session with an old friend is my idea of a perfect way to unwind.In fact, who wouldn't love to do so?

However, usually we never really sit back and think how challenging it is to retain the aroma of the green coffee beans after it reaches the roastery till the end consumer. We all know that coffee has a very short shelf life.The producers of dried coffee beans have to take a lot of precautions to sustain the freshness till it completes the supply chain and reaches the end user.Connoisseurs agree that coffee should be consumed as quickly as possible after it is roasted, especially once the original packaging seal has been broken. If you just store green coffee beans in a plastic bag, without vacuum-packing or maintaining constant humidity, they will get moldy and get ruined. Here, our specially designed vacuum sealed plastic storage bags come of great help.


Ecotact brings a mindful solution to keep your coffee fresh.


The producers/exporters/importers/roasters can pack the green coffee beans in our Sterile Vacuum Bags and keep the freshness intact for upto a year. With our Sterile Vacuum Bags, Ecotact promises to retain the freshness of the coffee beans through the entire supply chain process.These are  high-resistance multi-layered food grade plastic bags that are strong , flexible and can preserve food grains for  longer durations. These bags are sealed scientifically after extracting the excess air with the help of sensitive  precision industrial machinery. These are also called hermetically packaged sealed bags.They are spacious as well as convenient which can be easily packed into corrugated cartons. These qualify to be shipped to far away destinations without being tampered. The cartons are branded later in the most attractive ways and delivered to the roasters and brewers.


We have all the reasons why you should choose us:


The Research and Development team of Ecotact, have spent hours in looking for the best in class method to produce the best quality vacuum storage solution for green coffee beans. The most essential features include:


        Aroma is maintained

        Sensitive food and vitamin content is protected

        Flavor and inherent quality is maintained

        Is Hydrocarbon free

        IsHigh resistance to oil and solvents

        Is Recyclable and eco-friendly

        Has Transparency and heat maintaining properties

        Does not use pesticide or insecticide

        Mold growth is eradicated.

        Has high-temperature tolerance (-30 ° C to 90° C)

        Green coffee, cocoa, panela sugar, corn and barley, all kinds of grains can be stored

         Provides 9- layers of vacuum hermetic packaging.

Here's a note to all green coffee producers:

The Ecotact Sterile storage Bags have been manufactured scientifically for the specific use of storing and packing green coffee beans  while retaining the freshness as it is. They have been  curated with a lot of precision keeping in mind the challenges of coffee producers/roasters/importers/exporters.

If you appreciate making a brew from freshly roasted beans, the whole beans have to be stored properly. So if you get the process wrong, your beverage will be unappetizing.Heat, light, moisture, and air are contradictory to coffee beans. Hence,it is very crucial to protect the green coffee beans from these hazards.

You may be aware that storing in Vacuum sealed storage bags and freezing your coffee beans is an excellent way to store your beans. However,you must freeze your beans to slow down or stop the beans from outgassing when vacuum sealing in traditional vacuum seal bags. Freezing helps to keep the vacuum seal on your coffee beans, keep moisture away, limit light exposure, reduce air movement and  temperature fluctuations.However, an Ecotact Sterile Vacuum Bag ensures that at any temperature(-30 ° C to 90° C), it can resist any air from passing in or out thereby retaining it’s freshness.

           Ecotact Sterile storage Bags is the best solution for packing and shipping

the best quality of dried grains and coffee beans overseas to retain its freshness and quality over a longer period of time.For green coffee producers/importers/exporters/roasters our Ecotact Sterile packaging solutions is like a blessing as it solves most of the obstacles of packaging and storing large quantities of their produce.

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