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Wednesday January 11, 2023

Delve into the world of premium Peruvian coffee beans!


When you think of Peru, the scenic beauty combines mighty ice mountains, lush-green rainforests, and shimmering waterfalls. Well, such is the sensory delight you experience with the first sip of Peruvian coffee. Making its way to the list of top coffee-producing regions, Peruvian coffee is now coming to the limelight for roasters across the world. Be it the sharp citruses or rich chocolaty tones, these coffee beans are a burst of exciting flavors.

The lesser-known evolution of Peruvian coffee

  • Southern America received its very first exquisite batch of coffee from Peru. Despite being in the international market, it was yet to set impressions in the industry. After a struggle with a price crash for coffee and diverted focus on cacao, Peru regained momentum in the early 2000s, to become the 11th biggest coffee-producing country in 2018. With the help of the govt., Peruvian coffee was backed by high-end technology and modern infrastructure, the coffee production has only skyrocketed. 

  • Finally, in 2003, the small coffee-producing farmers joined hands to utilize the fair trade movement. This paved the way for representing Peruvian coffee on an international scale.

  • Today, Peruvian coffee is labeled as the leading producer of fair trade, organic coffee. With unique flavors, the most predominant coffee that grows in Peru comprises Typica, Caturra, and Peruvian Gesha coffee which is globally renowned.

Peruvian coffee takes a high jump in world stats

Peruvian coffee has been winning hearts across the Latin American region for a long time now. The ever-growing number of coffee-producing areas in Peru has turned the country into one of the greatest exporters in the world. It is penetrating the global market with emerging coffee exporting companies and fair trade Fincas. Let’s look at how Peruvian coffee rapidly evolved and spread throughout the region.

  1. Amazonas
    Coffee beans are rather scarcely produced in the lush jungles of Amazon, but Rodrigues de Mendoza and Chachapoyas produce exceptional coffees with fruity & chocolatey notes.

  2. Cajamarca
    Known to be the highest-producing region, coffee is grown between 1850 meters to 1900 meters. It is known that one of the best Peruvian coffee is found here.

  3. Cusco
    Cusco farmers are globally renowned in the Cup of Excellence and Dwight Aguilar Masias of the Nueva Alianza farm won the international award for Perus’ best coffee for two consecutive years. Hence, this region is considered to be the hub of Peruvian coffee.

  4. Junin
    The well-rounded coffee beans are found with a burst of fruity flavor. A large portion of coffee produced in Junin has been recognized at global coffee fairs, which makes it prominent in the specialty coffee world.

  5. San Martini
    With the evolution of Peruvian coffee, this region holds a promise for the future. 

  6. Puno
    Bagging two gold medals in France and being internationally recognized as the best coffee-producing region and is now turning into a hotspot for coffee production with the finest quality coffee beans.

Flavor profiles of famous Peruvian Coffee

  • Despite how each coffee-producing location leads to a distinctively delightful flavor note, the coffee is very smooth and mellow. With regulated acidity and lightness, the coffee feels rather mild on the tongue. 

  • But even with its mellowness, Peruvian coffee offers a burst of exciting diverse flavors ranging from nutty-vanilla sweetness to rich chocolatey notes and delicate citrus tones.

  • The locally grown and freshly roasted coffee is extremely aromatic with the vast majority of Peruvian beans being Arabica.

While every Peruvian coffee bean is a blend of nuanced flavors, you will be amazed at how distinctive each region of Peruvian coffee is from the other. The beans are unique to the respective regions and every coffee-tasting experience is sure to be a wholesome one. The well-rounded beans fused with exciting notes are surely a great way to start off your day.

Keeping the Peruvian-ess intact with Ecotact

While Peruvian coffee is leaving a strong impression across the world, coffee exporting is not a single man’s job. From picking the cherries to pouring the coffee into your mug, the quality and richness of the coffee shouldn’t be compromised. We at Ecotact aim to keep the Peruvianess intact by preserving the freshness of the coffee beans at all times. With zero Water Transmission Rate, every sample of ground coffee offers a premium taste to your palate. So the next time you want to relish a cup of Peruvian coffee, Ecotact will work along to enrich your experience.


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