Coffee Storage: Storing Fresh Green Coffee Beans

A sip of coffee packs a punch of aromas, different layers of tastes, notes and an unforgettable experience. Behind every sip is a long process that every green coffee bean has to go through to finally brew you a perfect cup of morning coffee. 

Every step while processing green coffee beans is essential in preserving its true essence. It is very important to pay attention to every single environmental detail because a small miscalculation can lead to an unappetizing beverage. 

Right after green coffee beans are plucked, it is essential to pack and store them in favorable conditions. The green coffee beans are sensitive to four key elements of nature: heat, light, moisture and air which makes it very important to protect the java from these elements. 

The first and foremost step in storing your green coffee beans is using dark and airtight containers. And this is where Ecotact Hermetic Packaging comes in, they protect the beans from the elements of nature that affect their overall quality. Moreover green coffee beans travel far and wide which makes it essential that not only the technology of the packaging keeps the beans fresh but it should be high-barrier, strong and space-convenient. And the Ecotact Hermetic packaging checks all the boxes for efficient packaging.

There are a few steps that you should take note of when packaging your beans in an Ecotact sterile vacuum bag. First before putting green beans into the bag, check for holes and tears if any. Remember the green beans need the perfect environment. Then put a shape-former in the bag and place that into the bag mold. Now you have an efficient space to pack your green coffee beans. Remove the bag former from the bag and start filling it with beans. Be sure to arrange by shaking and pressing to remove as much air between beans. After you are done arranging, ensure that there is at least 10 cms from top of the bag for sealing. Now, place the bag on the bag holder of the Ecovac sealing machine. Keep the bag's mouth open and press “nozzle” to push the nozzle on to the bag.  Then press the seal switch to start the vacuum process. After a few moment’s wait, the packed bag is now ready to reach various parts of the world. Remove mold from the vacuumed bag and place the ready and packed bag in a cardboard box. And be mindful of the “no hook” sign to ensure your bag is always protected. 

No matter how many methods you try to store green coffee beans in, Ecotact Hermetic Packaging halves the efforts. It reduces the calculations you have to make while storing coffee with a technology that keeps moisture away, limits light exposure, decreases air movement and reduces temperature fluctuations. 

After ALL THAT hard work is when that perfectly bitter and aromatic coffee brews and fills your cup every morning. And as they rightly say for a perfect kickstart to your morning, brew a perfect cup of coffee.


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