Behind The Scenes: All About Coffee Beans!

December 24, 2021 by Akansha Jain

When we think of coffee, immediately the image of brown beans being ground and poured into a nicely brewed cup of hot coffee pops up in our heads. But contrary to this imagery, coffee beans are actually naturally green. They take this brown avatar after being roasted. That’s where the prime difference between green coffee beans and regular coffee lies.  

When beans are plucked from farms, their freshness and nutrient value are at their peak. These beans go on a journey with multiple pitstops which weigh down on them. But hermetic packaging solutions from Ecotact help to keep the freshness and the quality of the green coffee beans intact. 

The two most popular varieties of coffee beans that are exported are Arabica and Robusta. While Arabica is popular for the sweeter and complex flavor, Robusta is known for being much stronger. Its flavors appeal more to bitter taste palates. These flavor notes make it the best choice for espresso drinks and instant coffee mixes.  

However, beyond the taste and varieties, did you know green coffee is inherently rich in antioxidants and many other pharmacologically active compounds?  In fact, its property of containing chlorogenic acids makes it anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory which helps protect the heart and liver. 

This makes the job of protecting the quality and wholesome flavors very important. That’s why storage for green coffee beans is a matter of great importance for farmers and businesses. Green coffee bags are the best way to preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee beans. It is imperative to carefully store green coffee keeping the following in mind - 

- Weather conditions   

- Moisture content of coffee  

- Exposure to air and sun 

Hence, green coffee bags are the preferred medium for packaging while transportation. 

While transporting, green coffee beans face some potential damage, which can be minimized with the right packaging. Hence, the key is to use the best coffee packaging bags;  Hermetic packaging solutions from Ecotact with 9 layers of protection, keeping utmost care while sealing the bags.

So that the consumer can get a jolt of robust flavors and energy that help kickstart an otherwise mundane Monday morning. 

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