The Need for Quality Packaging Products Among Farmers

When we think of farming, it is the life of farmers which is the most challenging one and the backbone of coffee production at large. Since it is filled with uncertainty, it is important to constantly work on improving the quality of the beans in order to keep the harvest yield, market rates, and personal prices in check. Looking at how lucrative the coffee industry is, the farmers are paid in accordance with the quality of the seeds produced and sold.

Challenges faced by the farmers in the industrial agriculture

Globally, over a hundred million farmers are working to cultivate various crops as their main source of income. In farming cultivation, the sustainability concept majorly works with traditional farming methods to utilize and manage available farm resources, restorative ground fertility, etc. 

  • Although due to economic liberalization, the last 10 years have incorporated several factors such as climate change, lack of optimal options in the food packaging industry affecting the safety and freshness, and consequently, a farmer’s profitability to achieve sustainable production through premium quality and productivity. It is essential to pick an optimal product that serves the function of storage and transport of coffee and other grains. Unlike inferior flimsy packaging of jute or plastic, it is important to offer more than just a layer of protection to your grains. With Farmer D’lite storage bags, the grains are as though newly reaped due to the nine-layered hermetic packaging to prevent any wear and tear. Ecotact’s recyclable and sustainable bags bring together for the first time, detailed modeling of sustainable packaging of the crop by eliminating their contributions to landfills and erosion for a comprehensive contribution to the environment. 

  • Enclosing coffee beans or other grains for advanced protection from direct sunlight, moisture and oxygen is fundamental to producing premium quality crops. The consumer need revolves around the rising demand for higher-quality consumables. Therefore careful measures must be taken to preserve the taste and aroma of the crops to ensure that the most premium quality product reaches the end users. This is where Ecotacts’ comprehensive solutions for packaging and brand solutions come into the picture. How? By simply eliminating the compromise on the quality of inferior packaging.
    One such creation from this product technology is Ecotact’s Farmer’s D’lite. With a sturdy design and multi-layered high barrier protection, this bag is meticulously crafted for farmers’ convenience. With a thickness of 95 microns, these reusable bags come with a shelf-life of over 4 months, keeping the grains farm-fresh even after repeated use. They are crafted with reusable cable ties which makes them convenient for multiple uses. This is easily accessible for the farmers who can not only use Farmer’s D’lite for storage but also fermentation of coffee beans, in a cost-effective manner. These bags stand out from the pool of options available in the packaging industry due to their exceptionally unique material composition. In addition, these bags go way beyond coffee and help in preservation of all dry grains like maize, wheat, rice, and nuts.

  • Pesticides are an important yet unavoidable part of crop production and packaging. In order to eliminate the presence of pests and other plant pathogens for the prevention of yield loss and to maintain authentic quality. With Ecotact’s multi-layered storage bags, it is easy to avoid all kinds of chemical or physical damage in the course of longer shipments. The Farmer D’lite storage bags ensure the avoidance of pesticides and insecticides eliminating the need for chemical usage altogether. 

Challenges faced in the crop maintenance phase

Agriculture is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Higher temperatures eventually reduce yields of desirable crops while encouraging weed and pest proliferation. Changes in precipitation patterns increase the likelihood of short-run crop failures and long-run production declines. 9 layers of high-barrier hermetic packaging that keeps your products fresh without the help of pesticides or insecticides, for more than a year.

An additional need in the agriculture industry currently is to meet the packaging market trends through sustainability. Since the consumer interest lies in ultimate packaging bags that are highly functional as barriers to keep the products safe and fresh. Ecotact’s Farmer D’Lite meets every checkbox on the sustainable solution checklist by being a high-barrier, reusable packaging storage bag that allows the freshness of crops throughout the logistics process. The nine-layered hermetic packaging has an increased shelf-life of over a year, thereby locking in the aroma and moisture levels. It has a high-temperature tolerance quotient and is easy to carry to almost any part of the world. These bags are crafted to perfection with hermetic packaging features to ensure sustainability and overall cost-effectiveness. 


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