Sip in the Festive Spirit with Ecotact!

Sip in the festive spirit with Ecotact

When it’s the season of snowfall and nippy days, everyone turns to their favorite comfort food. With plenty of winter delights, the one that tops the list is a steaming cup of rich hot chocolate to hug your mind and lift your spirits. Made with freshly produced cacao beans, these melted chocolate drinks can turn the winter blues into a cozy embrace. Also called hot cocoa or drinking chocolate, this warm beverage’s journey dates back centuries with the earliest variant being traced back to 500 BC. Yes, the worldly popular drink has been providing comfort to humans since 2500 years ago!

What makes hot chocolate so very special?

If there’s any drink that aligns with the festivity of Christmas, it is hot chocolate. Well, because...CHOCOLATE! After all, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with your family on chilly winter nights is a great tradition to welcome the holiday season. These sweet little pieces symbolize happiness and fondness with the joy of bringing people together.. Cacao is a major ingredient in chocolate filled with anti-oxidants and contains ‘tryptophan’. This ingredient has a mood-enhancing effect and produces the happiness hormone; serotonin. It’s no surprise that people love sending wishes dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with love. 

The hot chocolate flavors winning hearts

As we know drinking chocolate comes from pure cacao. In countries of production, cocoa beans are processed, dried and fermented with utmost care to deliver a unique and enriching experience for all chocolate lovers.  

Chocolate as a flavor is extremely playful and allows experimenting of all kinds.

While the flavor of chocolate dominates, the secondary flavors could range from vanilla, raspberry, and cinnamon, to other nuts. It adds a fun twist for the palates. The cherry on the cake is the buttery smooth texture of chocolate that could be further enhanced with marshmallows or whipped cream.

Wait...but how fresh is your cup of hot cocoa?

For a beverage that’s a token of celebration worldwide, are we drinking the best version of hot chocolate? The cacao beans cultivated with care by passionate cacao farmers should offer the exact taste they were made for. This is where the role of packaging comes into play. With its promising vision of bringing farm-like freshness to your mugs, Ecotact ensures complete enjoyment of every sip, be it coffee or chocolate. The packaging bags are meticulously designed to lock in the rich aroma with no compromise on premium quality. For you to savor the lip-smacking melted chocolate, products like multi-layered storage bags come with 9 layers of protection. The high moisture and oxygen barrier properties of hermetic packaging preserve the beans by preventing any kind of physical or chemical damage during transit.

When you take the first sip of hot chocolate you are sure to relish the cacao straight from the farms to your cup.

Happy Holidays!


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