PentaPak-aging: Small packaging bags ready to store up to 10 kg of coffee

We have always been on the lookout to offer innovative solutions which cater to the key pain points of the packaging world. In addition to the wide range of storage and packaging options that cater to green coffee beans, we also have the technology to preserve and ensure farm-freshness of all dry food grains. 

Unmatched material composition and design technology are the 2 chosen pillars for Penta Pak manufacturing.

Penta Pak - The one-stop solution for all

With extensive research and understanding of the market, Ecotact introduced this product as the one-stop solution that is ideal for the storage, sampling and transportation of green coffee beans. This makes it suitable for importers, exporters, roasters and coffee producers at different levels in any environment. In addition to green coffee beans, these storage bags are designed for several other dry grains such as cacao beans, rice, and maize, to name a few. 

To ensure prolonged freshness and uncompromised quality of the grains, let us understand the maneuvering product engineering that led to Ecotact’s Penta Pak.

Accentuating the features of Penta Pak

Apart from being an excellent addition to an array of packaging options, this pentagonal packaging medium has been meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled protection in food grain storage. 

  • Penta Pak’s name comes from its unique five-panel protection that aids in the complete preservation of dry grains. Along with a sturdy structure, the high-quality zipper lock blocks out any contact with the oxygen and serves as a strong defense against moisture to prevent any growth of mold.

  • The robust build of Penta Pak allows users to store 5-10 kgs of dry grains and offers high resistance to oil and solvents. The unique shape and flat-bottom technology help keep the grains stable and fully intact in these small coffee packaging bags.

  • The colorless packaging makes these sustainable green coffee bags an exemplary choice for long-term storage and transportation. This eco-friendly bag is relevant to the future of packaging as it focuses on sustainability and reusability by all means. The roasters can enhance their overall experience by using these green coffee bags which serve the dual purpose of visibility and quality assurance. 

During longer transits, such bags can be a great option for haulage as they are designed to withstand high temperatures with ease.

We are happy to have touched a major milestone with the launch of Penta Pak storage bags and look forward to serving the packaging industry with healthier, sustainable solutions through innovative product technology.


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