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Ecotact Adapts To Packaging Trends Of 2023

Ecotacts’s Prime Position In Packaging Industry
In a dynamic industry like food packaging, the trends are always transforming to align with modern practices. High levels of innovation and technological adaptability are the two major pillars on which any industry rests in today’s time. As the demands of the consumers change, technology is expected to evolve at every stage. Apart from what happens behind the scene, customers are now highly inclined towards building a meaningful connection with certain brands.

In a specific industry like food packaging, effective marketing and branding goes a long way. 

When crops like coffee, maize, and cacao beans are harvested, they go through an entire journey till they make it to your coffee mug.

Let’s talk about coffee beans.

  • The freshly plucked cherries are carefully transported to a processing facility

  • Sampler bags are required to preserve coffee beans till it reaches importers

  • Coffee traders/importers require large containers for seamless logistics

  • Smaller bags to preserve the freshness of roasted/green coffee beans

  • Ensure the roasted coffee beans have the best shape and farm-like freshness

There is ONE thing that binds the entire process together – innovative packaging. 

Tapping into the market with endless options becomes rather challenging and this is where the role of adaptability to changing times, comes into play. Let’s take a look at 7 food packaging trends in 2023 that can pave the way for much-coveted packaging in the near future.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Smart packaging is all set to provide customers with useful information about products used in packaging. It is directly linked to building functionality and boosting the overall performance of packaging. Ecotact has spent considerable time utilizing technology to monitor the performance of its own products. The Sterile Vaccumized bags are crafted meticulously to ensure there is no scope for oxidation to cause spoilage. The use of innovative hermetic packaging has brought quality checks like Oxygen Transmission Rate(OTR) and Water Vapor Transmission Rate(WVTR) tending to zero. This keeps quality and freshness intact by adding value across all its products. 

Understanding Customer Emotions
Your customers are well-acquainted with the origins of what they are consuming, be it coffee beans from Ethiopia or cocoa beans from Cote d’Ivoire. These crops hold the highest value for farmers and a great deal of effort goes into growing coffee cherries. They pick the most ripened cherries by sending them out for processing and long transits from one end of the world to another.  As per research, the storage conditions of green coffee beans are highly crucial in treasuring their commercial value in the market. In Thailand, the farmers/roasters store these beans for almost 6 months before they are roasted. Naturally, the coffee beans undergo oxidation which impacts the aroma and taste of the coffee beans. To make sure the coffee beans reach the exporters with their authentic premium quality, Ecotact has crafted each of its products to bring farm-like freshness to every coffee cup.

Including Product Customization
The product requirement changes from time to time. As per their needs, it is important to customize your products to cater to any use case. Ecotact bags come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of crops. Multi-layered Hermetic storage bags come in variable sizes and pieces per pack. Offering multiple options will not only help retain existing customers but also acquire new ones using this USP in an industry like food packaging. What’s more, Ecotact also customizes branding to add an element of credibility for the clients. 

Going Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
What’s interesting is that sustainability can be coupled with innovation to create groundbreaking products in the industry. Packaging brands are now focusing their strategies on the use of easily-recycled plastics and reusable materials. Refillable packaging products allow regular use of these containers making it an eco-friendly alternative for companies that aim to rescue the environmental impact. Ecotact’s 100% compostable Biome Trays are natural paper-based compostable trays. They are lightweight and yet meet the rigidness of traditional plastic trays. Ecotact’s bags are made of non-pigmented plastic and are 100% recyclable making them suitable for reusability. By promoting such sustainable products, the cost of resource consumption also leads to maximizing profits at a high rate within a few years. 

Crafting Your Products With Minimalism
Small minimalistic designs are a very popular trend in product packaging. The industry has drifted away from bulky and cluttered designs and instead adopted transparent packaging as a go-to option. Simple minimalist packaging isn’t just in trend but helps focus on crop visibility to build a stronger connection. As mentioned earlier, non-pigmented plastic makes way for recyclability. In addition, away from the heavy colorful packaging, minimal design helps keep it simple and looks authentic, reducing the overall cost of material manufacturing as well.

The Future of Product Packaging

As we move towards 2024, sustainability, smart and smaller packaging along with customization will remain the major trends bringing a refreshing perspective to the industry. With the emergence of new trends in the packaging industry, it becomes essential to understand the needs of customers and keep the vision of a brand alive. By adapting these trends and technologies, packaging brands can remain ahead of the curve and face the ever-changing needs of customers in the future. If you wish to explore a diverse range of packaging options for your business, you can check out what Ecotact has in store for you. 


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