With High Quality Multilayered Hermetic Plastic Packaging Bags, and expert packaging solutions for your food, we have managed to be a part of your everyday life. As you hold your simmering cup of coffee with the newspaper or a bowl of aromatic rice or cooked quinoa and devour in the rich aroma and taste, we are glad those little coffee pouches , paper coffee bags , food grade jute bags, liner bags, sterile blender bags, Multilayer Coffee Packaging Bags have made a difference in their being. Proudly, we retell your stories.

  • Pierre-Paul Brassard, CEO, TGEP Inc.

    Ecotact bags provide a first class journey to our Green Coffee. This lot of 320 bags of Green Coffee is identical to the samples that were sent 2 months ago! Ecotact bag is a truly valuable service and product that we recommend to anyone who cares about quality & security.

  • Scott Bennett, H.A. Bennett, Australia

    We have been using Ecotact bags for three and a half years and have found Ecotact bags very economical and easy to obtain in most of the countries of origin for coffee.

  • JJ, RTC, Rwanda

    Ecotact has excellent timely service. They deliver their products promptly to any part of the world.

  • George Abraham, Factory Manager, Olam Cam SA

    It's wonderful that Ecotact products are available in most of the coffee origin countries. I feel their customer service is exemplary.

  • Bastian Fuelles, Commercial Manager, Volcafe, Peru

    We are very satisfied with your product and received only good feedback from our clients.

  • Sasa Stojanovic, 49th Parallel Roasters, USA

    I really like new Ecotact bags you use for samples.

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