Dealing in coffee pouches, pp woven bags, and burlap bags,and with a wide range of other flexible packaging products, we truly care for the coffee packaging world that we live in. Because Ecotact is an attitude beyond just business.

Ecotact is proudly associated with Women's Coffee Alliance - India (WCAI): The India chapter of International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) ( that works towards the upliftment of women coffee growers in the Araku region of Andhra Pradesh. IWCA worldwide strives to is to improve the status of the women coffee farmers, not only through building their skills and capacities but also through establishing their ownership of land and resources, and access to cash, credit and income, in turn increase recognition of women's productive participation in agriculture, ensure food and nutrition security at household and community level. The India chapter will strive to provide support - technical, emotional and financial - to women in every stage of the coffee chain - from sapling to cup and empower the tribal coffee woman socially and economically. One of the celebrated projects of Women;s Coffee Alliance - India Chapter (WCAI), where Ecotact is contributing effectively is project 'Nayan Tara' - Education of girl children of women coffee farmers in coffee growing regions of Coorg, Biligiris and Manjarabad. Ecotact supports several children from these traditional coffee growing areas by sponsoring their education right through school and through college based on the interest of these children to study. We alsohelp in making Project 'Nayan Tara' a success by actively participating in the annual Coffee Santhe - Fund raising event of WCAI. We pledge to enhance health, education and livelihood opportunities for the less privileged women in the coffee value chain.